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    Hi, I am building a new shop and have to have a septic system installed. I am completely clueless about it. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Nick
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    You would be best to contact your Health District or whomever is over septic installs. I could tell you how they are done here but that wont do you any good. I will sayhere homeowners can do their own systems. They are subject to inspections just like a contractors installs are but you don't need to be licensed to do your own. Something you could ask about.
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    No more pooping in a hole in the closet like at my house, that fer sure golly gee-whiz!

    There are filtration fields that have a main tank, a settling tank and a pump chamber that pumps the affluent into a sand and pea gravel field, this system is usually raised above grade level if the soil is of poor drainage, the more common systems are trenched into the ground and 1 1/2" drain rock is dumped over the perforated pipe (PVC) and a biodegradable filter agent (straw and sod for us here) is placed on top to keep the soil from clogging up the drain rock as it settles.
    There is also a foam cube system for cottages where space and water conservation is an issue, but I have only seen 1 put in place here.
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    Well i did contact the building department and they told me that they inspect them but have never seen one or have done an inspection on one. The street i am building on does not have utilties. Its the only one in the whole town. I plan on building the system myself. I have the equipment just not the know how.
  5. NMS0219

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    The type of system that they told me to build is the trench type with gravel. ( the neighbor property has that system built back in the late 60's) Other than that the town has been no help.
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    Use Chambers or Ezflow.
    Gravel systems are a pain.
    Here the health department specs the system .
    Here chambers go in at a 65% rate of gravel.
    Here if you do your own system you have too take a test and pay a small fee.

    Have you perced the ground yet?
  7. NMS0219

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    i did dig a 4' x 3' x 5' deep hole for the town to "look" at. The guy from the town came out looked at it said "ok" and than told me he has never seen a septic system before.:dizzy: He than went on to say the last permit the town issued for a septic system was in 1971.:hammerhead: So do what ever you want.:confused: I just want the system to be correct. I know first hand how a bad system can ruin land.
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    Wow. Are you in America? Sounds more like some third world country.
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    Are you going to build a house or is this just going to be a shop ?

    The system is based on how many bedrooms the house has. Does the soil perk well if not your looking at a sand mound system.

    If this is one toilet and one sink bathroom why don't you go with a holding tank system where you have a large tank that the stuff goes into and when its full get the sweet juice truck to come suck it dry.

    You can go with a two tank system where one is for the solid poo and the other tank is overflow for the gray water. The one tank you can run a 2000 gallon tank the water and solids flow into it as the water fills up the tank it can run into another 2000 gallon tank. A low flow flush toilet would take a long time to fill 4000 gallons. You could have a small leech field to get rid of the gray water or a sistern set up.

    A conventional drainfield may be overkill just for one bathroom.

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