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    I have been using a trailer for two years. It was originally just a frame with a 2000lbs setup. I just found this out. Well I added a diamond plate floor, steel sides, and an aluminum cabinet. The trailer weighs 2000lbs empty. Because i didnt know that my axel was rated for 2000lbs i used it carrying 2 walk behinds and my other equipment, so total it was about 3500lbs. I was going to just swap out the leafs, but i was told the spindles, wheel hubs, bearings, axle might go instead then. So i bought an axle off my dad rated for 3500lbs and was going to swap them. Well it turns out, it has these brackets that either drop or raise the trailer like 4 inches. Well im confused as to whether or not you can flip the axel so it raises the trailer 4 inches instead of dropping it?? And does anybody know how the setup would look for a drop axel, cause the way i got it set up now it will raise the trailer. As of now i have this setup from top to bottom:shackles and hang down bracket on the rear shackel, 5 hole plate, spring, axel attached with 2 u-bolts and nuts on each side. Any help would be great, especially a setup diagram. Thanks
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    Have a way to post a pic?? If so someone can surely give you some advice. Personally, I'd like to see it before commenting.

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