SERIOUS problems cutting fenced yards, Please Help!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GKchris311, May 14, 2010.

  1. GKchris311

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    So up to this year we have been lucky to have no residential customers with fenced in back yards. This year we have 3, and of course our 52in Ferris and 52in Exmark won't fit through the gate so we have been mowing them with our Cub Cadet CC98M push mower. The problem is, these lawns are fertilized and well taken care of, and they grow 4-5 inches a week so when I show up the grass is so tall that my push won't cut through it without bogging down and giving me hell. Also, if their is the slightest bit of moisture (2 of the yards are in full shade) the have to AT LEAST be double cut. Once this year I cut the yard 3 times and still had to go through with the string trimmer to hit a few missed spots. So my question is, what do you guys use to take care of fenced in back yards? Is a high end push mower with more power the answer? Or should I be thinking about one of the smaller walk behinds, maybe 18hp motor, that I can still fit through the gate? Definetly trying to spend as little as possible, but I also want quality so I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks!
  2. Schuley

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    I'd look into getting a 36" stander or walk behind and stick a grass catcher on it. Works great for me! More HP than your mower. You can get small walk behinds with 15hp engines that won't have a problem, and i Know the Grandstand with a 36" deck has a 18hp engine.
  3. MikeKle

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    IF any of these yards are chain link fences, heres what you do, find a spot with nothing on either side of the fence, and near an end post, unbolt the 3 bolts that hold tension on the fence and slide it back, you can now take a large WB under the top rail! This has saved me lots of times, but just make sure you put the fence back before you leave. Normally you cant get it as tight as it was, so I just use some chain and quick connect pin to secure it back, most of the time, the customer doesnt even notice, or doesnt care that I do this. Good luck.
  4. Robert Pruitt

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    had the same problem a few years back. first pass used only half of deck, then cut different direction with full width. this was a small back lawn.
  5. dolt

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    Mowing twice a week not a option for a reduced rate ? that way you not double cutting, but make a bit extra money even if its $10 extra for cutting twice a week,rather than battling in long grass and double cutting , time wise may be the same but your making extra $10 and getting the finish your looking for .Maybe an option until you get diff mower to tackle this.
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  6. whosedog

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    I bought a used 32' bobcat 12hp for $600 just for those gates;works great,put a velkie on it .I don't push mow anything anymore;if it has to be push mowed I pass on it.
  7. GKchris311

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    All 3 that I have right now are vinyl and wood, and I'm mowing in a high end area where chain links are extremely uncommon. Thanks for the tip though!
  8. MrRob

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    dual hydro ferris 36. well worth the money spent.
  9. fredmullegun

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    sounds like your mower is underpowered.
  10. buttaluv

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    I finally bought a used Encore Hydro tired of fighting it, even if you lose that yard, another one will pop up and you'll need it. Money well spent

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