Serious problems with brand new skid steer

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by jbailey52, Nov 4, 2012.

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    Hey everyone... Im not a common poster on this side of the forum, but I think this thread is best posted here. Last December we purchased a new skid steer. For now I will leave out where, and what brand name, I really dont want to start the "Well thats what you get for buying that machine VS this machine.

    The problem is this, is has a little over 200 hrs on it. It has been back the the dealer (an hour and 15 mins away) about 7 times. It has blown various hydraulic lines on job sites, spewing 12 gallons of hydro fluid over customer yards and driveways about 4 times. Had to either sit and wait for the parts to be flown into the dealer and fixed on site, or had to be towed away. Last week it actually died in the middle of an innersection on a road, do to some electrical failure. The police actually had a backhow up the street and drugged it (is that a word?) to the side of the road. It was about 3 hours until the machine was picked up.

    So my question is where do I stand with this machine? If there was no problems, the dealer would never hear from me. I purchased this expensive, new piece of equipment so I would not have down time from breakdowns of a used machine. Yet I have had multiple with only 200 hours on the machine. The dealer told me the first couple times that with a new machine its "Common for the machine to work out its kinks from manufacturing" Well I think I should be well past that point. The dealer has accomodated me. They have given me a machine to use the last two times it has broken down, but I still feel something needs to be done with the machine.

    I guess what im asking from you guys, is your opinion or experiences with this. I hope I dont get to many "Man if that was my machine I would be in his office holding him up by the neck until I get a new machine". I would probably say that also if it was someone else's problem but its not practical/professional. I checked into lemon law in PA and it doesnt cover machinery, only automobiles. So far the sales man said he would talk to the manufacturer but I have heard anything yet.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    You can only ask the dealer too help you and they do not satisfy you then contact the manufacturer. If they cannot resolve the situation then it may take legal action. There is no easy or right answer too your problem. Each dealer and each manufacturer resolve each situation differently. What they do for someone else they may not do for you. Unless you have a performance contract on the equipment you are at there mercy.

    I will add that the manufacturers do watch forums. It may be beneficial too post a detailed account of what is going on in a professional manner with proper grammer and spelling. Sometimes dealers will take the" hope it goes away" approach too problems so your problem may not ever reach the manufacturer.

    Also equipment should rarely break down. It is not common for a machine to have major problems that early on.
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    I know you will get the goofs on here who will say that you should of boughten brand x instead , but at the same time it would be nice to know what brand it is so one of us can use your scenario when comparing and buying new machines.

    There was a guy on the tbn forum that had a problem with asv, he made a detailed post about it and actually had a representative from asv who was a forum member contact him and straighten everything out
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    so far you are handling this the correct way by keeping the brand name off the boards. Many people see these and I am sure reps from all manufacturers check in from time to time. At this point I would begin to keep a log of detailed info about every contact you have with the dealer. It may help if you have to play hardball later. If the dealer doesn't help, then as the other fellow said contact the manufacturer. Make sure to keep names and job titles of everyone you speak with as well as date and time. If you don't get help from the manufacturer then post the brand name here and let the bashing begin. At this point call the manufacturer again and let them know you have been documenting
    on here your problems. I imagine they will come up with a solution quicky at that point so you can then say what a great job they did to help you when you found the right contact person. Good Luck,
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    I had a machine that had numerous problems. It was a 1999 CASE 85XT. It could not run at high elevation, numerous breakdowns. CASE did the right thing by that machine (and kept a customer that bought numerous additional machines since).

    Inform your saleman you want to speak (or arrange a face to face meeting) to the regional sales/service rep. These guys have pull within the OEM. Have a complete list of the issues with the machine and the cost in fixing them. If its under warranty then the your lost time due to the breakdowns.

    Dont be a Dbag. It sounds like your being reasonable so continue to take the high road.

    I have gotten a lot of mileage from various OEMs due to my high activity on large forums such as this one. No one wants to lose sales. You have to post the OEM for that to be effective.
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    I'll second KSSS on that. Get your regional rep involved. We had a major issue with a previous Bobcat, and they went above and beyond to make things right for us. Because of the help we got in that situation, I will recommend Bobcat to anyone looking for a machine.
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    Every manufacturer will build a small percentage of "Bad Machines" as no one is perfect. I have found that the Dealer can help and hurt getting the machine fixed. Remember the dealer just sales the equipment and he does not give you the warranty, the manufacturer of the machine does. The dealers goal is too support the sale for future profit( through future sales) and they will only lose so much money in the process. The dealer foots the bill for Warranty work and then the Manufacturer reimburses approved claims.
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    If you make enough noise on here (the manufacturers watch and read these forums), you will get some relief if the machine is truly a lemon. It's in the dealer's and manufacturer's best interest to take care of you and to keep their name out of forums that have thousands of readers. Competition is fierce and they know that and they also know that you can't work if your machine is always broken down. I don't know why it takes so long to get things sorted out but I guess it all boils down to what it costs both sides.

    Please post the machine make, year, model, and your options and what you use it for. Be as specific as possible about your experience running it, etc. Pictures help. I would also contact technical support at the manufacturer and make them aware of your pains. Don't bash your brand or the dealer, just state the facts and outline where you have been inconvenienced or lost money over these failures.

    I had some issues with CAT and they stood up, took notice, and did the right thing. Bobcat has always stood up, too, when I had problems that were not my fault. Though I currently operate Bobcat, because my local CAT dealer (Holt) did the right thing, I will always consider them and recommend their management as stand-up guys even though they did not have to go to the lengths they did. It was a sore spot for a long time but everything worked out but it took a little whining to get my story out. Not all of us own 20 machines and can afford to have 1 lemon in the shop for months at a time.

    I'm not as much of a believer in "bad machines" as I am bad parts or bad manufacturing processes. I've seen my Ford's and Dodge's go from Lemons to reliable with a few part swaps but it took awhile to get it figured out. I wish you good luck in sorting this out. I know it's hard to deal with..
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    If it pops another hose or fitting, just let it run itself right out of oil, and drop it off at the dealership, then if they claim the starved pumps are your fault, just tell them it was a matter of life and death to move the machine or something to that effect. My Dad had the same issue with a Cat excavator that came from the dealer with veggie hydraulic oil, he got pissed off and let it run to the point of hydraulic oil boiling over, then the dealer listened and took it out, but only after threats from my Dad.
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    I didn't make this thread to throw anyone under the bus, I just wanted to know others experience and recommendations. I have not given the manufacturer or dealer time to respond yet so I think it's best to not mention them until they do so. I just hope they step up and correct this situation because I am not looking for anything other than that. I am a small business ad buying a piece of equipment like that is expensive and if it continues this way can have huge effects on my business. I know how I stand behind my work, I had a question on a finished patio job we did today, and I was standing with the homeowner in his house on a Sunday. I know what I need to do to make my customers happy, and I assume they will also.
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