Serious problems with brand new skid steer

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by jbailey52, Nov 4, 2012.

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    Where's the pics?
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    You and Dig Deep are like LawnSite Detectives NICE!

    Interesting discussion on that picture thread.

    Unfortunately the poster may actually learn the hard way that resale does matter.

    Dig Deep I think I may now know why Dave on HEF has been so quiet.
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    Well there you go. I didn't say it was a JCB because I didn't want to just bash them without giving time to make it right. I guess it's like your wife, you love her, until she's your ex wife right? Still haven't heard from my salesman so I guess I need to contact JCB directly. Today I was speaking with a client who is an attorney and I mentioned my issues. He said he actually has experience with lawsuits involving heavy trucking equipment malfunctions and warranty issues, so I guess we will see what happens.
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    How much warranty time do you have left on the machine? How many days of work has the machine lost? How much of the repairs have required rework? How many hours are on the machine? Do you work this machine hard? Do you feel its basically a good machine and this one has issues, or do you feel like it lacks proper engineering?

    I dont see any of the regulars on this forum bagging on you for buying a JCB. I dont think mentioning the OEM is bagging on them either. Actually it can be a bonus for them. They take care of you after having problems, and you post that story, that can sell more machines than a glowing report would. Everyone has problems, just like every job that all of us as contractors perform is not perfectly done, how we handle those issues, is really what sets companies apart. This is an opportunity for JCB to step up, what they chose to do is up to them. JCB spent a gazilion dollars on this new series of skid steers. They doubled down on the NA market in skid steers. I would be really surprised if they left you hanging with this machine. If it can be agreed that your machine is a problem machine, I think they will make it right. The last thing JCB can chance at this point with these new machines is a bad reputation for 1. having a poorly engineered machine and 2. not standing behind their machines.
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    It's fun to throw people under the bus sometimes, especially here and on HEF.
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    The machine has 240 hours on it. I have lost many days due to it being down, and have had HUGE cleanups on customer driveways cleaning up 10+ gallons of hydraulic fluid. One of which is not cleaned and looks like im going to be on the hook for. Each breakdown has been something different. Last week was a kicker machine just died in the middle of an intersection (residential) and had to have a police backhoe pull me to the side. We don't use it hard, it loads mulch at our shop, and excavates patios and moves modified stone. I just don't know what to do, I buy a new machine to not have headaches and that's all I have had. The machine comes with a 2 year warranty and a lifetime warranty on the arm.
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    I really don't see the need to bag on a manufacturer unless they either showed negligence or carelessness when dealing with a customer. I know people bag on Bobcats constantly but I love our T770 and T750. I had a drive motor go out because of a defect on my machine (T770) and they were there in 2 hours to pick it up, left me a rental, fixed it the next day and I was out nothing (I had a second CTL on site by cahnce for those two hours)

    Any time there is a TSB I get a call about it as a heads up and am given a rental.

    If a dealer and manufacturer are stand up and honest they will always get our business.

    The color and name of the machine doesn't matter to me.

    Hope it works out the best for you.
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    That's really good service. My CAT dealer brought me a loaner when my machine was down. Though the issue couldn't be resolved, I still tell folks that my dealer stepped up. Mentioning a brand good or bad, as long as you are stating facts, helps the whole industry.. in my opinion.

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