Serious problems with brand new skid steer

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by jbailey52, Nov 4, 2012.

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    some machines are just cursed no matter what you do it will always be a #13 I'm not talking brand but the machine itself. If your having that much problems with a new machine i would be talking to the dealer and MFG maybe get another machine put it thru you own paces to see if anything happens to that one or just have them buy back that one and get a new one.
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    Ite seems to be that way with anything Manufactured.
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    So here is the update. Last week I called my dealer to see where we were at. He said "talked to JCB and they are not going to do anything, if anything will be done it will be between you and I" He said he wanted to put pen to paper and get me in a model with a newer manufacturing date (apparently when your machine is a year old, it's ancient and you should need one with a newer manufacturing date to function) I asked to speak with the JCB rep, so he had him call me. We went over the problems, he said let me run it by management and that was over a week ago and have not heard from anyone since.

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    hang in there the local sales rep and maint dept will be the ones the will fix it in the end so dont pisssss them off.
    jcb will have to ok the fix to get them to do it.
    if they r trying to sell you a new machine i bet there is something really wrong and they dont want to tell you.
    now if they can put u in a new machine for the right deal take it.
    best of luck.
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    Man that stinks. I really hope you can find a solution that works for you.

    I know several companies here where I live go through a similar situation with Bobcat and there wheel motors on there tracked machines years ago. Bobcat did little for them and out of 5 companies they either let the machines get repoed or they got rid of them at a loss. One company had 10 Bobcat machines at the time and they got little help. You will find similar stories with every manufacturer if you look. It is tough for small buisnesses too survive much less take 50k hit on a machine you cannot use.
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    The wheel motors were happening even before the trackes machines. One went out on my old man's 873. 870 hours and no help from Bobcat or the dealer. When he bought it 873's were the hot machine that was not on lot's or available as demo's. We allowed a dozen or so perspective buyers demo our machine on our jobsites, for free and BC still stuck him!
    Don't let JCB push you around with so few hours!
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    If they are trying to get you in a newer machine there is a reason. Changes on machines, especially on "new from the ground up" machines like the JCB are continual. Whether all your issues with your machine have been addressed, is of course unknown. However it certainly will be an improved machine over your current machine.

    If JCB is unwilling to help, you are unlikely to get the amount of recourse your looking for, unless your dealer really steps up (and you provided the dealer a very nice profit margin on the orginal sale).

    Be diplomatic but you will need to have a "stick" in your hand. That would be informing them of your activity on internet forums, word of mouth and letting them know about the hardship that has been caused by JCB ownership. When all is lost, I have heard of people parking machines at major intersections with signs hanging off of them depicting issues with brand.

    I still think JCB will step up if they agree your machine has been a problem. If your dealer is willing to do something for you, I take that as a sign that your dealer agrees with you.

    Good luck. Dont let them take too long to get back to you. Every day that they procrastinate the closer your machine is to losing the original warranty period. I think your case is stronger while your machine is under factory warranty.
  8. jbailey52

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    I hope someone steps up. I know doing what is right is at the core of my business even over profit. Buying a new machine was a huge step for a small business like mine, and to have to make these huge repairs after a warranty period is frightening.
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    Well as a last resort, try to at least make an arguement for a free extended warranty for 3-4 years. Run it under warranty and get out of it as soon as the numbers make sense to do so.
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    Does your dealer handle any other lines of equipment?

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