Serious Thistle problem here...

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Cut It Close, May 20, 2014.

  1. Cut It Close

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    Check this out. Customer wants them gone. I was thinking of spraying momentum fx2 w/hawkeye in there. regular roundup doesn't phase it. I read Lontrel will smoke them but it's expensive to buy for just one customer. any other suggestions. Roundup quikpro? Thanks guys.

    IMG_3321 - Copy.JPG
  2. Colonel Forbin

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    Looks like you got some bad mulch or topsoil there, I just sprayed momentum works well, better than roundup.
  3. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    If those are Canada of luck.
    You can burn most of them down with something like FX2 or 4Speed XT or Turflon Ester, but there is so much rhizomous growth underground you will just get regrowth down the line. You will never clear that bed of all the thistles. I would tell you customer to dig out the shrubs they want to keep, and completely start over.
  4. MikeT

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    Lontrel cost may be spread over an agreed upon regular season long maintenance respray schedule until it's gone and regrowth has subsided. You may not know the full effect until next year. Compare the cost against starting over. You may also find other customers with the same problem.
  5. MikeT

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    Ps. But check the label for how much can be applied in one year.
  6. RigglePLC

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    Da quality is right. Bad mulch or topsoil. Remember these are Canada thistles. They are all connected together by spreading roots. Wrap the trees in a big trash bag or tarp--spray away. Repeat in 10 days; again in 10 days...again...Feel free to do the first cut with a string trimmer. Never let them get over 6 inches tall.

    Naturally this may require some careful hand cutting with small rose pruners for thistles close to the shrubbery.

    Sharp spines may penetrate gloves--take care--remove the residue with a pitchfork.

    I am not sure if black plastic or fabric with a layer of clean mulch or stones over the top would help. Black plastic blocks sunlight--which the thistle needs. The green part does photosynthesis and sends food to the roots. Don't let the top send food to the roots.

    Who has successfully cleaned up a bad infestation? Experience counts. Check your purchased mulch and soil for weed roots.
  7. Cut It Close

    Cut It Close LawnSite Member
    from NJ
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    Thanks for the tips guys..I sprayed Momentum FX2 so we'll see.

    Riggle when you say spray again in 10 days do you mean the FX2 or something else? With all this pesticde in their would string trimming it down when there dead be a toxic dust cloud? Thanks again.
  8. intrigue12

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    I have had pretty good results with my method.

    1) Pull of them out, They pull out really easy and will give the customer immediate satisfication. ( leather gloves work really well for these)

    2) Then inform them that you will be returning to spray any thing that comes back up. ( Which it will). I would give it 3-4 weeks before you do return. I use a selective herbicide (threesome) and I add a sticker and triclopyr for a added kick

    3) Sell them a monthly bed spraying package. These range from $25-45 monthly. This will keep there beds weed free always, and provides a monthly income for you. Everyone wins.
  9. Cut It Close

    Cut It Close LawnSite Member
    from NJ
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    Just wanted to give an update. The momentum FX2 did work. 7 Days after treatment the thistles were wilting and yellow some were even brown. After another week or so I weedwhacked it all up and cleaned the bed. Shame I didn't take pics. I'm gonna put the customer on a monthly bed spray program if needed. They got a lot nutgrass now. May go q4 plus.
  10. Ditta&Sons

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    pulling them out manually is the easiest, cheapest and quickest method, they come out very easy

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