SERIOUSLY. Have you ever hear of breaking a windshield with

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  1. Colaguy

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    I have collusion insurance on my commercial policy on my truck. Under FL law, any cracks in windshield repaired or glass replaced, is free & paid for by my carrier with no deductible or $ increase in my policy. Your State might have a similar type law.

    Had my windshield replaced last summer due to several chips in glass over the years.
  2. Mark Oomkes

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    Huh, never heard of that kind before.

    If you think that windshield replacement is truly free and does not increase your premiums, you are extremely naive.
  3. birddseedd

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    i'm surprised to see a trimmer do it.
  4. chefcam864

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    That is most definitely the case in SC. If one carries collision on his vehicle, the insurance company MUST replace a cracked windshield at no cost or penalty to the insured. It's not naivete or wishful thinking... It's just AWESOME for windshield installers!

    As far as deadbeat... Well, they're everywhere. Until we can haul them all off to some magical place that will program them to pay for their own foul ups (unfortunately these bastidges have more than their fair share of foul ups) we will all continue to pay for their sorry butts.

    Like the OP said, this is not his 1st rodeo and he seems to have this jerk's number. If it were me, and I thought it would not cost me a lucrative account, I would embarrass this jackelope and make him fodder for my, and my assistant's, cruel sense of humor. Nothing like a permanent emotional scar to teach a lesson...
  5. Colaguy

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    Its true in Florida. Sure they might add a few cents to every policy re these type of issues when you sign up. Under Statute they cannot increase your $ policy under this type situation, if you have collusion on your policy . Free replacement means no out of pocket costs to me.

    Now, its not like the Insur co told me this but read it online somewhere and asked my independent agent & he says it "free". No deductible paid. Called carrier, told them I was taking it to X business to replace. Assigned me a # to turn it, dropped it off, Hour later, brand new free windshield:waving:
  6. LCR

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    I chuckled at this thread when it popped up and didn't feel like reading it. Now one of the properties contacted the office saying that one of my crews has broken her window with the blower.

    Now im gonna go back and read all the responses in here
  7. ajaynejr

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    I would say that if someone claims you damaged his property then you should report it to your own insurance company. Mark your report "Informaton Only" at the top and bottom of each page if you feel it is not your fault.

    Now, "claim" might be interpreted in several ways, for example:
    1. Someone calls out to you or calls you saying you damaged his property.
    2. Someone writes to you saying you damaged his property and would you please return the call.
    3. Someone sends you a letter asking for reimbursement, enclosing a copy of a bill or receipt from the windshield repairer or whomever.
    4. A lawyer or (the other party's) insurance company sends you a letter demanding payment.
    Some of you might consider #1 not to be a "claim" necessitating the report to your own insurance company. In the case of #3 or #4 you would consider if not definitely turn the matter over to your own insurance company, this time not as "Information Only."
  8. GreenConcepts

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    I actually ran into some of the person's friends a week or two later and performed a little demonstration. I took an 802 and stuck a rock that was small enough to be carried by the blower air, but big enough to do damage with enough velocity. The rock "flew" about two and a half feet. If it hit you in the leg with jeans on you might not feel it.

    It was pretty convincing to say the least. If the rock were any smaller it would stand no chance of doing damage, any bigger and it would drop faster. The point is not in this exact case, but to prove it is not possible to "pick" a rock up off the ground with a blower and give it enough velocity to break a windshield.

    We looked at the crack anyway and it was nice and dirty.
  9. trailbuilder

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    I had a cal from someone last week who said one of our dump trucks just put a rock thru the windshield of his car and cracked it. I replied we have insurance and he should too, we just past all of the DOT inspections. We never heard back....I think some folks are looking for a "FREE LUNCH".
  10. herler

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    The string of a trimmer most certainly has the ability to pick up a large enough rock and hurl it with sufficient speed to cover the distance and have the force to crack an automotive windshield, I know this because I have seen it happen, granted I've always cracked windows other than a windshield with a trimmer but this is one possibility I would be less willing to deny as I believe the trimmer to be capable of doing such damage.

    A blower on the other hand barely gets driveway gravel off the ground.
    Barely, the BR-600 has just enough power to 'herd' some stray gravel that ends up on the roadside back into the driveway, it would be faster or just as fast with a shovel or a broom, and it certainly can't pick it up the height required to reach a windshield, much less propel it with the speed necessary to break it.
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