SERIOUSLY. Have you ever hear of breaking a windshield with

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    Let me guess, you looked at your next bill from the insurance company and realized it was still the same amount as the previous one, hence it "didn't go up?"
    And you didn't think the insurance company knew about this, that maybe the insurance company failed to realize most people look at bills from one period to the next and when those bills come to the same amount they think their premiums have not gone up?
    This is what we speak of when we mention naive.
    Rest assured, it wasn't free.

    Ever hear about accident forgiveness, it's not free either.
    Insurance companies who offer it charge more than those who don't.
    Anyone who has it pays more to begin with, which is how when someone has a claim their premiums stay the same.

    It's simple, the insurance is a business, much like yours.
    When they pay out a claim, that is one of their costs of doing business.
    And that cost has to, and will be covered.

    Any insurance company that does not cover their costs isn't in business very long.
    And the premium holders are the folks covering said costs.
    A free windshield is included in that cost.
    Meaning we pay for it no matter what.
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    I know that a string trimmer can break a window, at least the side window on a Honda mini van. I did it myself, to my wife's van. I always worried about going by on the mower, but had never given a second thought to a trimmer.
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    Know that dealership quite well. Thankfully I do zero cutting but did have an older model Bobcat I started off with slide down a rain soaked slope and take out the front end of a S550 up on the crest last year. It was my employees fault for parking it near the edge of the slope which was stable before that epic downpour hit.

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