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    I just finished doing a quote on a big paver job of 7500 sq ft driveway. to take up and clean and relay and regrade, 1200 sq ft of which is new material as a border.

    I quoted the job to completely redo the base 24 inches deep, the 1200 sq ft of border stone which is unilock copthorne and unilock courstone mix.

    The guy already has two quotes to do the driveway. I presented him with the quote to completely redo and he almost crapped himself. I quoted at just over 80 grand. He told me i was quite a bit higher then the other guys.

    they apparently only quoted to take out, clean, and relay the original interlock, with adding 600 sq ft of border of unilock umbriano. These companies apparently came in at a quote of under $20,000.00 I almost lost my nuts when he said that. What do you guys think.

    I am supplying 100 bags of polymeric sand
    up to 20 yards of gravel for leveling
    25 yards of #2 sand
    600 ft of court stone interlock
    650 to 700 ft of copthorne laid on a 45degree angle in between the double border court stone
    just going to level the current base without removing.
    re-use old edgers
    I am also putting one 65 sq ft star in the driveway and one smaller 35 sq ft star made from the same materials as the border.

    Pretty much they are offering the same as me except i am offering the extra interior border with the copthorne.

    no matter how i look at it i can only come up with a number of just over 40,000.00

    Even if i only offer the single border instead of the interior border. i am pricing at just over 30,000.00

    These are lowest prices i can come up with i don't even think these prices are high enough.

    If anybody can possibly explain why they would ever do this job for under $20,000.00 i would appreciate it.
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    When a person tells me they received quotes for super low numbers I will ask to see the quote. Now, I know darn well I am NOT going to lower the price, but I'll say "e-mail or fax me the quote and I'll take a look at it and see what we can do".

    Sometimes people will tell you they received a lower quote when the truth is - they didn't - they're just trying to see if you'll do the work for the money they were envisioning spending.

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    What he said! ^ Does he realize that umbriano and copthorne is like $10sq.ft.
    If the base is good then a relay could be done at $5sq.ft. add material (mark it up to list) and a realistic labour cost. You will see the real #'s then. Of course offer no warranty with a relay.
  4. Hardscaping

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    5 dollars is a little high for that size for my area. I repriced to reflect the job being done the same as the other guys, I got down to around 28000 for the job, includng the border being done the same as the other guys. I don't know why someone would bid that job under that. I am going to tell the guy if he is interested in me pricing any lower I need to get a copy of one of his quotes.
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    Wow, your price is low in my mind. I charge $15.00 per square foot. If he can get it done for $20,000.00. you will be back to fix the other guys work in a few years.
  6. Hardscaping

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    Someone will be back there to fix it either way, the guy doesn't want to redo the base. Just fill in a couple areas, the base seems alright but not good enough that I am giving any waranty on the interlock shifting at all.
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  7. zedosix

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    75 pallets of brick is alot of brick to have to lift, clean and relay. Good luck. What kind of brick is laid there now?
  8. wurkn with amish

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    if the base was fine none of you would be pricing to redo the job in the first place......
  9. mikeslawnlandscapeohio

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    What do you mean???
  10. Hardscaping

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    First of all main reason for redoing the driveway is weeds in joints. There are only a couple very small areas that have sunken in only a very litle they just bought the house and want to fix up thos minor things. There is currently stratford stone there
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