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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Blink74, Jan 8, 2007.

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    For the past six years I've done business on a handshake and a promise. However, My business has grown and along with it my risk. Have a few commercial accounts and I sign agreements for them to cover their liability and needs but I have nothing for myself. I feel I sould have my customers sign an agreement stating my expectations, liability and what not.

    My questions are, Do you guy's have service agreements / contracts? If so what do they entail. Does anyone have an agreement they wouldn't mind letting me use as template?. I want a general agreement for all customers, what should I include?

    Thanx in advance
  2. Matt k

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    This is the single most important piece of paper you will ever have customers sign. You need to go to an attorney in your area and have one tailored to you. I know it is money you probably do not want to spend, but it will be well worth it. Contract Law is different in every state and the information you have in your "terms and conditions" will save or bury your but in court if it every comes knocking. JMO
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    Blink, I agree with Matt this is a very important document. I started offering yearly service agreements 2 years ago after 5 years of handshake agreemnets. In most cases, I do not service hte property for all 12 months but my customers seem to really like breaking the payments up over the yearly period. I have also found that almost all of my customers that are willing to sign service agreements are able to pay for their service. None of this halfway through the summer " I can no longer afford it crap" Usually if I lose a customer that has signed an annual agreemnet, it is either my own fault or they are moving out.

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    We set up the majority of our accounts with a monthly service charge, however only the larger accounts have signed contracts. I would say on average any account over $200 a month has a signed contract. It became very time consuming to get them all typed, signed, returned and tracked for renewal for everyone. When we set up a new account, their first billing includes a copy of the "Contract for Mowing Services" that explains what we offer, how our schedule works, and what we will and will not be responsible for. I am not saying this is the safest way to handle things. It just doesn't seem to be worth all the extra time.

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