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    For the guys who use service agreements/ contracts. Do you mail the customer a new agreement every year or just state in the agreement/contract "This contract will continue on a year to year basis until either party terminates it or other service are added. Whats your opinion or how is the wording in your agreement/contract.

    Thanks in advance for a input or help.
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    They get a well written letter on company letterhead with January's invoice. Starts off thanking them for their patronage. Continues on to reaffirm their level of service and any price increases. Finishes up with a reminder of all the services we offer and any specials I think might be of interest. Include any discount coupons. Lastly thank them again and emphasize your commitment to providing excellant service.
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    Well said..
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    We use to send out new forms each year but with the cost of postage, and supplies we made the agreement forms permenent. Now at the beginning of the year we contact each client with a post card thanking them for using our services and when the first time we will be on their yard. Any price change is also noted on the post card.
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    I work similarly to Patriot, ... A letter in early March (season begins about April 1), thanking them for their business last season, scope of work for this season, price, frequency of visits, etc. The last line confirms the relationship with a "looking forward ..." kind of language.

    For simple tasks, such as lawn mowing, mulching, trimming, this is all that is necessary. I've learned that most people don't open the letter anyway. The only reason to send out the letter any longer is just to further build the relationship. Often things change during the season anyway.

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    Thanks for the help and input

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