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    I am in the process of writing up my Residential service agreement/contract. I was thinking of maybe making it a auto-renew service agreement/contract, that way I don't have to send the customer a new agreement every year and if the customer wants to cancel they just send a "notice to quit" letter. what does every one thing of this and how does every one else have theirs. For any one that has "auto-renew agreements" how do you word it.
    Thanks in advance for any input or help
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    We have offered this for several years. We include a "written cancel" clause in the form. If the client wants to cancel we ask that they give us a 30 day written notice. We have not had a problem so far. With the increasing cost of overhead this helps keep postal cost, printer ink cost and paper material cost down. I will try and figure out how to send you a copy by PM.

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    Gus, It would probably be easier to email it to me I would appreciate it very much and thank you for the help.

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