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    on your service agreements do u list a lot of terms and conditions and stuff that is and not included or do u just wing it and hope nothing happens?
    how much is to much? to list?
    are u ever afraid of running off a new customer due to terms?
    lets here it.
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    I keep it fairly simple.
    I price each round the same assuming they will stay for the year. But I include
    "Contract is based on per season, any agreement cancelled early will be pro-rated"
    "Service will be suspended anytime paymetn is not recieved as agreed upon or account falls 30 days past due"
    and a few things the state requires me to put.
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    Never "guess-to-estimate", assume or wing it.
    Know your numbers and CYA (cover your A$$!)

    Read other company's service agreements for ideas on what to include.
    Develope a standard "boiler plate" of terms and conditions then refer to it as being part of the contract or agreement.

    Statements like "Only items specifically mention are part of this agreement"
    or "This estimate is based on completion of all work. Any additions or deletions must be in writing and will/can effect the prices quoted"

    As time passes you will learn where the weak areas are in your contract. Especially after you get "burned" a few times.
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    As you know, mine is pretty minimal other than what my program covers because I have not been burned too bad since I have been in business. Hopefully that trend will continue. I would like to see guys respond to this thread as requested by actually posting their terms and conditions.
  5. Shades of Green LService

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    Lawn Maintenance Agreement

    NAME: _______________________________________
    DATE: ___________

    ADDRESS: ____________________________________
    PHONE: _________

    1. The purpose of this Agreement is to set forth the terms and conditions under which Shades of Green (hereinafter called "Contractor") will provide Lawn service for Customer at the above address.

    2. Contractor agrees to perform the following services as outlined in the Landscape Maintenance Plans*. Service under this agreement will be:
    o Basic Plan o Weekly
    o Standard Maintenance o Weekly
    o Custom Program (eg. Lawn Fertilization)

    Service will exclude:

    or will include:

    3. Contractor will furnish labor and equipment necessary to perform the above services. Customer will be charged for all material used.

    4. Customer agrees to promptly notify contractor in writing of any dissatisfaction with the maintenance service to insure that maintenance is performed as agreed.

    5. Customer shall pay to Contractor at the rate of $ _________ per service call for the service herein agreed to be performed. Contractor will bill Customer and Customer shall make payment within ten days of billing date. Customer agrees to pay a service charge of $10.00/10 days overdue for all payments not made when due. In consideration of the extension of credit Customer will pay a deposit of $ _________. Deposit will be applied toward final bill.

    6. The terms of this Agreement shall commence on ______________ 2007 and shall continue in full force and effect thereafter until it is terminated by thirty days written notice by either party to the other.

    7. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the New Jersey and constitutes the entire agreement between the parties regarding its subject matter.

    9. Should Contractor be required to engage the services of an attorney in connection with this agreement or to enforce payment hereunder, Contractor shall be entitled to his reasonable attorney's or collection fees.

    10. Contractor guarantees that it will perform its service in a workmanlike manner. Should Customer's plantings be damaged by any failure of Contractor to fulfill its obligation under this Agreement, Contractor shall repair or replace such damaged plantings. Contractor shall not be liable for any damage due to Acts of God or Nature. Customer's right to repair and replacement are the exclusive remedies and Contractor shall not be liable for damages, whether ordinary, incidental or consequential other than as expressly set forth herein.

    Shades of Green Lawn Service Customer
    __________________________________ ________________
    Jason Morgan Customer Name:
    Date: Date:

    Start Date: _____________

    Other Notes:
  6. Shades of Green LService

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    That is just an example of one i found online. I personally have yet to use a contract to this date. However, that will change due to slow pay Bums. People like that will get a contract that has distinct payment terms and conditions.Also new customers might start getting them.
  7. PR Fect

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    Dusty good question. Jan and I beat our selves up each year with this. How much do you "spell out" and how much does not need to be said. Right or wrong, this is what we sent.....
    We are at this time filling our 2007 schedules and looking forward to serving you again. This is just a friendly reminder to let you know that we do already have you scheduled for the following “X” marked services for this season. There is no need for you to do anything. We are still here taking care of your lawn service needs.

    Spring Power Rake
    X Fert / Weed Control (5 Application Program) $89.00 per app.
    Core Aeration

    Our labor rate is $29.00 per man-hour. Some of the other services we offer include:
    Spring & Fall Clean up, Tree Trimming, Shrub and Hedge Trimming, and Fertilization of Trees and Shrubs. Removal of debris from property is an additional $15.00 dump fee per load.
    If diseases or pests become a problem in your lawn we have excellent programs for that too.

    Please let us know if you would like to add any of these other services. We would be happy to discuss them with you. As always, we look forward to serving you with what we feel is the best customer service around town!

    Billing terms are sent on the 15th of each month and are due and payable upon receipt. Outstanding balances of 30 days or more will receive a 3% service fee. Any non-sufficient funds checks will receive a $25.00 service charge. All prices include 5% Wisconsin State sales tax.

    If you ever have any questions or concerns about your lawn, or any of the services we offer, just give us a call.
    Thank you for your continued business!

    Each service we have done in the past gets an "X" and this seasons new price.

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