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    ok so i have a plowing contract, and a seasonal contract. But what do you do for one time jobs, do you use contracts or just do the job? Im talking like i just did a job for my boss and we never discussed price and i billed him with a little bit of a discount because i work for him but im not going to loose money just because hes my boss either?
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    certain people i wont use a contract for, but on our estimate sheets for general services, it has printed on the back. And on the sheet aoave the signature line it states, by singing this document you are agreeing to the terms and the conditions on the back.

    And its our basic contract same wording as a plowing contract and same wording as a seasonal maintenance contract.

    On a contract the general wording for the entire document should be similar. The only thing different will be the term and payment conditions. The section for scope of work usually just reads as a general statement: The scope of work will be as described in the preceeding document or will be as described on page 1.

    Sometimes i dont understand why business create like 5 different contracts for jobs, and the wording on each one is different. If you have a lawyer create a contract for you, they should be able to create 1 contract that could be utilized for any service your perform.
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    Yea, We do this all the time...

    It's NO biggie. go ahead and work with out the contract....

    you can useually tell if a person is FULL OF CRAP or not.

    We give discounts to elderly and single parents.

    Best of luck

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