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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by GreenerNow LLC, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. GreenerNow  LLC

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    From looking on here ive seen some use them and some dont, for those who dont is there any particular reason you dont? i feel they make you look profesional, however i want to know where/how you got yours drawn up? i know what i want to put on them for the most part. i just would like to see a sample agreement or the one you use for your mow blow go operation to get a rough idea. thnak you so much in advance
  2. stevenf

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    People will shy away from them. Affraid to sign anything. The reason I dont do them now is because I need all the work I can get. When I get to the point of being comfortable with a full time schedule, I will weed out the PITA customers and start making them sign agreements.
  3. GreenerNow  LLC

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    thanks, so how do you go about locking in clients? just have to trust the verbal commitment? also how are you going about collecting payment stevenf
  4. LB1234

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    I think you put the head on the nail here...customers who "shy away" from signing a contract or are afraid to sign anything usually has a reason and in my experience it is to screw the guy doing the work...whether it be paying consistantly late, trying to haggle the price down, etc. generally just being a PITA customer.

    FYI, to answer the original question, start drafting something up yourself by getting ideas from the library, other contracts you have for services at your home, internet, etc. Then put something together and bring it to an attorney for their input/changes.
  5. LawnBizCoach

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    The idea of a signed agreement is a good one. People who are serious and legitimate will have no problem at all signing one as long as it is reasonable.

    From a consumer standpoint, I prefer doing business with companies that provide me with one. It makes them look more legitimate and clearly spells out what I am getting and any specifics.....

    It gives you a chance to clearly spell out your service frequency and guarantees so if there are any concerns later, you both can always refer back to it.
  6. wbw

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    service agreement or not they are not locked in and they know it

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