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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by David1970, Dec 24, 2011.

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    I have some specific questions about Service Autopilot and didn't want to highjack the other thread.

    We are very close to pulling the trigger on SA. I have some questions from users.

    1. How does the system handle a company that offers multiple services and needs to invoice the same customer different ways. Example: We provide mowing (billed monthly), fertilization (billed at time of service), irrigation (invoice mailed after service is performed) and landscape maintenance (invoice mailed or dropped off after service is performed).

    2. How does the system handle scheduling for the same scenario above.

    3. Does the routing really work? Also, can you easily change the order of the route on the fly?

    4. Can non-productive time be tracked? Such as shop time, picking up materials or performing equipment maintenance.

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    That's really screwed up if those services are for a single customer. They may receive 3-4 invoices in 1 month. I bill the same on those service as you do "unless" it is to a customer who uses multiple services regularly. Then I bill monthly on services completed that month. If I fert a customer w/ no other services then I leave the invoice at that time. Irr. repairs are sent after completed.
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    For the scheduling part you would schedule the recurring work then you would use work orders for the other services. It has to scheduling services in one.

    Routing is easy and you can change it everyday.

    I don't know about tracking unproductive work times.
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    Looks like a cool service. I like the employee job and hour tracking.

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