Service Autopilot/Jobber/or Gopher ?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Seabreeze, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. ToddH

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    Just to kind of pick up on this. I have seen where the client can respond above the top line in the body of an e-mail and it goes to the message thread on the website and help in the project file.

    The website doing this appears to be built on drupal. Not sure what that is called program is called, if it is custom and I do no think it is a drupal mod.
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    I just signed up with jobber free trial. Scheduling and making routes are very important. Coming from groundskeeper pro. Wanna be mobile. Never even used quick books. Do you guys that have jobber also use quick books? Can you just roll with only jobber?
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  3. Big C

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    I use Jobber along with Quickbooks Online and it works great, and I can use it from my iPhone or Ipad while out in the field.

    KLC LAWN LawnSite Member
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    I use Jobber... have since May... the customer support is outstanding and they have a great up and coming piece. The only big lack for me is expense/profit loss recording and reporting which they just launched the first part of... at this stage it is NOT an all in one solution however its getting better day by day and they are very receptive to feedback. Just me alone I think we have had over 100 conversations. At first I used quickbooks along side..... then eliminated it and used just quicken simply for reporting. I am confident in the near future they will fill my needs 100%. I hope they evolve the expense entry and reporting quickly for the start of the season or I will have to do a mash up again of software. There is a very very small learning curve that once you understand and practice the work flow its outstanding software. I have used desktop.. ipad.. iphone... android tablet and now do 90% right from my phablet (note 2) there is no functionality loss when using it in desktop mode in a browser from any device other than a simple drag and drop function in the calendar that can only be done on desktop.. you can just manually change the date and achieve the same. Anyone who has any questions feel free to pm me as I hope their continued development and success.
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  5. JFGLN

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    I didn't see an easy way to postpone jobs due to a holiday or rain day.
  6. jbell36

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    Jobber, i've seen you around here the last two years or so, maybe not even that long, i'm finally going to look into first question is, how long has the software been available?

    and about the software...the biggest pain in my ass when it comes to paperwork is letting the crews know what accounts need to be done AND getting them recorded as they are completed IN THE FIELD...secondly, having them be able to "clock in" and "clock out" per job just like someone said earlier with the START and STOP button for job this available currently with your software?

    i currently use gopher, and for the price it's the best software out there...but there are many flaws which comes with you pay for what you get...with gopher, you can set up your entire mowing schedule for the season, at the end of each day it asks you if "all jobs are complete"...if so, then simply hit complete, if not, you can pick and choose, or simply postpone all for a later date...after you tell the program, for example, that all jobs were completed for that day that were scheduled, it will put it in an invoice for you so you don't have to do it one by one at the end of the month...then, simply, at the end of the month click print invoices, it's that easy

    do you guys offer this?
  7. merrimacmill

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    Like mentioned before, Jobber is not an all in one solution. It does lack in some major areas, but I have been messing with the trial and think I might just sign up for it. The reason is I truly believe they will fix these issues, and give us what we need. I like the young entrepreneurial nature that the company seems to have.

    The jobcosting with simple start/stop button would simply be a life changer. I know SAP has this, but my understanding is it doesn't work correctly. Jobber does have time tracking functionality, but it is cumbersome to use. If it was someone in the office, sitting there in front of a computer, it would not be bad. But in the field, entering hour, minute, am/pm for an in and out at every stop is just not reasonable. It also eliminates the guys need to report the "real" times when in the field.

    Jobber, if you can give us expense tracking (which I know is in the works), that ties into specifically a simple START/STOP button time tracking feature for jobcosting, your product will be a complete home run. I truly believe that the addition of these two components is the recipe to Jobber being the perfect solution for so many people, and its popularity would instantly skyrocket. But not having these areas just eliminates so many reasons to move to a software like that, it presents a HUGE gap in what we need.

    I want to be able to search profitability by job, based on the actual time spent on site. Instantly identify by a percentage what accounts are profitable and are not profitable, as the season progresses. I want to be able to organize that list in several different ways, most profitable to least profitable, etc. Its pretty simple, I have already programed this into a database (its just cumbersome to use and requires double data entry), so I know you guys have the capability to program this into your software.

    KLC LAWN LawnSite Member
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    If you are at a desktop you drag and drop jobs from day to day. If using mobile you would have to click on each job and change date.... I know this is one of the things they are working on..

    Just yesterday they released expense section.... its very basic but functional... With more reports and features to come in it... It is at the point right now that I can use Jobber alone without anything else.
  9. jbell36

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    well i'm very interested to say the least...i honestly think SAP is the best out there so far, but it's simply too much $...i understand it's a great program but i've spent $200 on a program that i never have to reinvest in and it's doing the job for us...jobber is much more reasonably priced especially for the companies that AREN'T grossing over 100K...there's many more of those than the larger ones...we do well over that but i still don't see why it's necessary for the additional expense...annual expense of $1560 (SAP) or a one time expense of $200 (gopher), i can do $360 (jobber) if it's worth it and it sounds like it will be competing with SAP, or at least somewhere around that level
  10. seabee24

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    I dont know jobber or gopher so I cant comment on them

    and dont get me wrong i have my fair share of bones to pick with the guys over at SAP (whom i have recently talked to and am awaiting answers)

    but - I belive that SAP is worth every penny and then some. your talking about a 1000 difference - in business terms that nothing really. If you think 1000 is alot of money, your in the wrong mindset.

    where sap is now, its great, but where it is going hopefully will be even better. the guys over at SAP have the drive to do it, and I belive they will.
    SAP - runs on their servers - not your home PC. if your PC goes down, your f__ked unless you back up every night. I lost my data once, bad day, bad week, bad month. do you know with the mobil site, the guys punch on the off sites with their phone. real time. billing can be done in less than 5 mins no matter how manay accounts you have. heck you dont even have to mail or print them, stamp and fold them if you dont want, they have a service that will do it for you.

    customers go onto my website, fill in information and that is inputted into SAP, nothing needs to be done on your part.

    where SAP is going - if they finally are able to put into effect the "work flow managment" that is what will change everything - there is nothing in the industry that will do that. sales will go up as a result, happier customers, there is no negative to that.

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