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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by willretire@40, Feb 2, 2011.

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    Nice people so far. They are converting my qx data for SA use. They can answer that renewal letter for sure.
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    we have been running OX since 06, the last 2 years with the enterprise version, last year we used SA in our other landscape business that we run totally separate so we could have a side by side comparison. For spending over $5,000 for enterprise we hae been less then impressed. We switched to it because of all our data we had etc and they told us it would speed things up and run better well it has not. Running SA now for a year we will be switching all our data over to SA over the winter. Have not been please at all with QX all year, 3 days for a phone call back from them to refresh a password on there end, is a little much.

    Will keep the thread updated as we begin the switch, but from what we have seen this year on SA we think it will be a better situation for us.
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    How about an update on you guys running SAP. Also would help to know the size of your company. Thanks
  5. HBFOXJr

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    1. Overall - B- to C+
    2. Support - A+
    3. Keeping Crews organized and out the door A, can't edit or make your own route sheets, must use their templates
    4. Estimating A-, has made us money and impressed clients
    5. Reports D - no building or customizing your own
    6. Marketing C - You can mail or email docs you create. You can not filter for customers that have this, but not that
    7. Renewal letters -ZERO - No mechanism is place to bundle services, create doc, raise prices, etc. Any thing you do, must be done by you, exporting data to excel, manipulating data, creating merge doc etc.
    8. Ability to change pricing on a global scale F - you can change the price of a service or product any time, but can't update all clients at once as in end or beginning of year changes, they will do it for you

      Client contact tools such as email and text are in place. We use email extensively for contact and marketing.

      There is a ton to learn to be effective with it.

      Mobile can be improved, and new is on the way. Mobile has wacked hours off office work. Needs card swiper.

      Interfaces well with Quick Books.

      Needs some nav tweaks to make it more intuitive or mistake proof. Requires learning curve.

      Internet based is a plus. They have good speed and connectivity.

      All of your data can export to excel for any reason, any time.

      Handles prepays the best of any app I have seen. A+

      Subscribe to it and don't look back. The more input and money they get, the better the product.

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    Id say HBFOXjr gave a very good assessment of SAP. We have been running it for two years now.

    My biggest complaint is not being able to customize your own route sheets / work orders. This is one of the few areas where Qxpress really excels.

    Not being able to raise all prices at the end of the year by a percentage is also a big time consuming problem.

    Service Auto Pilot, Are you listening?

    Another big plus is their handling of client notes / calls / to do's, very well done and easy to track who posted what.
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    Forgot I had posted to this... lol
    We did end up switching to SAP 2 years ago, when I posted to this thread.
    We had been running Clip for YEARS... Time to try something else more with the times!
    If I could merge parts of both... THAT would be the ULTIMATE Program!!!
    There has been ALOT of time/learning spent building SAP to what we need, with MILES to GO! I would be lying if I said we never thought about going back to Clip at times!
    The "Hope & Promise" of what SAP will become, SAP's constant Updates AND Their "Support" has been what kept us!
    Support ALONE makes SAP worth it!
    Call SAP & 95% of the Time you get a PERSON that is ALWAYS Polite & Helpful and never acts bothered by your call!
    With Clip, We needed to call in, leave a message and WAIT for a return call, sometimes for hours AND then deal with the OPPOSITE of SAP Support!

    With SAP, Expect to put in HOURS setting up/ learning it, even with help from the videos! (Videos do not cover all the details)
    HBFOXJr did a GREAT Job listing points, which I agree with ALL, But Prepays!

    Prepay - F - Prefer a $0.00 amount to show on Services Prepaid instead of a % off... LESS confusing to Clients!
  8. HBFOXJr

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    Prepay - F - Prefer a $0.00 amount to show on Services Prepaid instead of a % off... LESS confusing to Clients!

    Not sure on how you are using the prepay function. When we log the payment, we indicate in the payment, what services or products it is to be used for.

    There is a prepayment report indicating how many dollars are still unused for the company. AKA your liability, to perform work for money already received.

    Our invoices go out as print in advance for our basic services that clients prepay. They have a big ole "paid" on the top. Essentially it is a paid receipt. The only "discount" shown is one that may have been created as a reward for the prepayment. This way, discounts and prepay is not confused. Discounts then listed in Quick Books are not distorted. Just real discounts given, rather tan including bogus discounts of 100% for prepay.

    SA handles the prepays in a proper way for standard accounting principles.
  9. dnc19694339

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    I signed on in March and have been pretty happy. Not perfect by any means but it has basically functioned well. I have not had the courage to let the crews try mobile yet, I still have them using the route sheets.

    I come from quickbooks and have never used scheduling software before. I can tell you that I feel my company is much more organized now and the Waiting List jobs have been great for all the different jobs we put on the schedule. As we complete them the next ones in line float up to the top.

    Definitely is nice not spending a day doing invoicing at the end of the month anymore.

    I would not operate my business without it from here forward.
  10. cbservicesllc

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    What has everyone with SAP been experiencing in the last few months?

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