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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BLC1, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. cooperthumb

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    Ive watched a few of the SAP videos and it doea seem like a
    learning curve as posted earlier. I have used several softwares over the years and currently use Real Green Systems Which is awesome. Anyway
    when we purchased it I Sent my office manager up to their headquarters in Mich. for a week she took one of our labtops and they spent a week training her. Best Thing that could have happened. She came back and it was the most seamless transition Ive had. Ive had 5 softwares
    yeah i know I also have to have the newest cell phone too.
    But looking at the videos I can see alot working but nothing beats someone showing you who does it.
  2. willretire@40

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    now has an option to send a text message on the client screen.
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  3. seabee24

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    Are you saying I can text my customer or my employee?
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  4. DrFastFix

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    I just signed up for SA a couple weeks ago and have a couple questions. Does SA have an option where customers can sign up for service online? I would like for them to be able to sign up and it integrate into the scheduling system. Also, does the QB connect work with QB online? I cannot figure out how to get that to work and when I tried to setup it downloaded to my computer, making me think it only works with the desktop version.

  5. seabee24

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    No qb online, only desktop. I complained 3 years ago.

    Leads can put in their information. That's it, you still have to send the estimate and scd the work
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  6. maelawncare

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    As far as I know does not work with the online version of QB
  7. CLS_Birmingham

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    What rates are you currently getting with Blue Pay? I'm going to setup merchant services next week and I'm curious how the rates compare. Any monthly fees?? I'm liking how SAP intergrates with Blue Pay, but I want to make sure thats my best choice for merchant services.
  8. McFarland_Lawn_Care

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    @CLS....I just called them 2 days ago. Basically there is a $15/month charge period. You pay 2.3% + .20 per transaction. IF any month you fees are LESS than $15 then they charge you the difference. SO basically they need to get $30/month min to make the account worth while, you know? Depends on how much use you expect, but it doesn't take much to get to $15 in the fees in one month. I have decided to go with them and working on getting the client login on the website. I was paying 2.9% + .30 through Paypal I think... Good Luck!

  9. krzys555

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    i went to bank of america.
    mention you will be using for processing.
    i got the following.
    no set up fee
    1.99% + .30
    no monthly fees for invoices or
    no monthly minimum for processing fees
  10. krzys555

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    shop around.
    they are suppose to match anyones rates. you could get 1.99%
    they will have to match it.
    it does make a little difference
    i did hear they have good service.

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