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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BLC1, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. LushGreenLawn

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    I can't be the only one having invoicing issues, I'm hoping one of you reads this and realizes I'm doing something wrong and can give me a work around. Has anyone with clients that have multiple properties run into issues? Witht he Master Property/Slave Property system they seem to have, I either have to manually go through the invoices, and print an invoice from the master property so that it shows the total amount due for all (time consuming and does not list separate addresses for each property), or print invoices for all the slave properties and send the client a separate invoice for every property. (Time consuming and a pain for the client)

    When I used gopher, I hit the print button once, and it would print any customer with multiple properties on the same invoice, broken down by address. Seems so simple, I am thinking of leaving SAP for this reason, sorting through 200 invoices looking for customer with multiple properties and pulling them out and organizing by hand is adding hours to our invoice day.
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    Well let me see if I understand what your asking.

    You want to print 1 invoice that has all properties on it. To the best my knowledge it does not do that. I have never had that need myself, but it does seem like a reasonable thing to do.

    Have you tried creating separate invoices and then merging them? I'm not sure if that would work with different property address.

    As for hours of sorting? I'm confused about that because sap does filtering, and you should be able to pull up all the invoices for that customer with a few clicks. Can you explain and maybe I can find a faster way.

    I personally use the mailing service, or email, so I don't Handel any paper
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    Dang, I'm liking those Bank of America rates. lol. Yeah I called them a few mins ago and was quoted $19.99 a month @ 2.29% + $0.20 on credit cards & $0.25 on debit cards. But yeah, I definitely plan on shopping around. Not to sound stupid, but whats the deal with krzys said he's going through bank of america but using lol obviously I haven't had a chance to do any research on merchant services yet, so any help is appreciated.
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    That is what I am looking for. The ability to print a single invoice containing the balance total for all the properties a customer owns, as well as a breakdown of charges by property.

    All the software I have used in the past allows you to hit a button, and print all of the invoices. I understand SA does filtering, but I cannot filter for clients with multiple addresses vs. clients with a single address. At the least, I would have to scroll through my invoice list, and manually uncheck all invoices related to a client with multiple properties. My fear doing that is one is easily missed. Then we would have to go through and check off the single properties, again worrying that we may have missed one.

    We end up printing them all out and sorting by hand.
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    I would call them and see if they can come up with a solution

    Here's an idea, do you use the "custom billing date". I almost never use it.

    For those properties that have multiple accounts, select the custom billing and then you can filter just for those with custom billing
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    I have the same problem it did it before they made the update. I can't get mine to do it either. I will call them to see if we can get it solved.
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    to taking credit cards
    there are 3 main points/

    the first is the processor.
    these people actually process the card and pay you
    bank of america, blue pay ect.

    the second is a gateway
    they let you communicate with the processor. is most commonly used.
    service Auto Pilot uses as the gateway.
    there are many other companies that use as the gateway. acts like a credit card terminal

    the thrid is the credit card terminal
    self explanatory.
  8. LushGreenLawn

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    That is a great idea, I do stagger my billing, half on the first, half on the 15th, so I'm not overloaded on one day. Maybe I can create a cycle for the 20th for those properties. You probably just saved SAP a cancellation, because I love how the rest of the software works.
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    @LushGreen - I called about the same thing a month ago and they told me the only way to get around it was to print a statement for the customer with invoice details showing which property was charged etc. That was a bit confusing, and unless they just fixed it, the Dates at the top of the invoices were all wrong and messed up. The billing cycle was very confusing.

  10. McFarland_Lawn_Care

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    I also had to be careful to apply the payment to the MASTER property account and not the other properties or's been a few months since I did it last. It was a bit messy I know that.

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