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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BLC1, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. CLS_Birmingham

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    Client Portal is huge for us. Its taken alot of the stress of dealing with account issues and service requests/concerns by putting it all online for the client to handle themselves instead of calling us. Not to mention being able to pay their bill online is really gonna benefit our company this year.

    I like the mobile access and the ease of scheduling. Invoicing is extremely easy, though the templates do suck and aren't as flexible as I would like. Estimates are mediocre at best, but are definitely better than just simply using QB for job costing purposes.

    Overall I'm pretty satisfied. I've had extremely good results dealing with their support department and the majority of my issues are resolved in a timely manner. For the size company we are, I'm really liking it.
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    It is not a perfect system for everyone but it is the best of its kind. Sign up for it and if you dont like it then just cancel. Dont stand there and do nothing. Over 1000 companies are using it compare that to the ten people that complain about what it doesnt do. Season is starting better decide now.
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  3. CLS_Birmingham

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    Completely agree. There is a 30 day money back guarantee. Whatever you do though, don't go into this thinking its going to be an easy setup process. It took me nearly 2-3 weeks to get the system full operational. But don't let that scare you. Your going to have to put time into any system to custom tailor it to your business. Put the time and effort into setting it up properly, it will stream line your business.
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    @CLS_Birmingham: I only have two links to provide in retort to your comment about "keeping up".

    Service Auto Pilot Blog (linked as 'blog' from their website):

    Jobber Blog:

    By all accounts here on LawnSite and elsewhere across the internet, Jobber is doing great at providing high quality, highly engineered software that's easy to use, works well, and is actively developed and improved. I invite everyone to draw their own conclusions about who needs to keep up with who.

    Sam @ Jobber
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    Just to clarify, my last post was about this quote from a couple of pages back. Trying to catch up on all these discussions!


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    I have been using SAP for about three years now. I believe that the product has actually gone down hill. Everytime they do an update it seems like stuff that was working before is actually not anymore. I use to be very happy with the product. However they have not lived up to expectations. It has the potential to be a great program but since the new update just has way to many bugs for my liking. I would be more thany happy to speak with anyone about it if they want to pm me. the program does a wide range of things however none of them actually work 100% the way they should. Since the last update the system had gotten much slower.

    I have since looked into other programs. For me personally Jobber seemed pretty good but very basic. It did seem to work as advertised unlike SAP. Currently I am trying out Clip. It actually is very good and fast program. From what I can tell will do pretty much everything that I need it to. We don't have snow here so I am not so sure on the area.

    Any other SAP users tired of all the bugs?
  7. Clean Cut Lawns

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    signed up a week ago...they said they would convert my qxpress file by last friday and they still havent gotten it to me and not even a phone call. i called up today and they tell me another week and a half. i wanted to have this program up and running in two weeks when our season starts....i dont know that i i'll have time to try and play and learn the system once we start working.

    seems they are grossly understaffed at the moment
  8. cooperthumb

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    You guys should look into Real Green Systems
    Their software is bar none at the top of the list
    alot of the things you have concerns about dont exist
    at real green
  9. CLS_Birmingham

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    except it doesn't work with mac...... Quote from their FAQ page : "Does Service Assistant work on a Mac?
    No, Service Assistant will work on MS Windows XP, Vista, MS SQL server. "

    That in itself completely turns me off to the product. I know its suppose to be the best choice, but for the price, I should be able to use my Macbook. Not to mention the security issues that result from a product thats PC based.....
  10. BLC1

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    What services are you using through real green.

    How much is their software?

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