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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BLC1, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. CLS_Birmingham

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    Screen shot your problem and send it to them. Everytime I have an issue, thats what I do and the problem is resolved on my end within 24 hours.
  2. LushGreenLawn

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    When things get fast paces in the spring, waiting 24 hours for a fix can be excruciating. Not when its once in a while, but definitely when its over and over again. I'm venting a little too, but these bugs need to get fixed fast. I'm not paying close to $200 a month to be a beta tester.
  3. BLC1

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    Everybody scared me away from SAP with all these issues.
  4. Clean Cut Lawns

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  5. CLS_Birmingham

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    I do agree. I guess I'm more optimistic because the issues I've had haven't been anything life threatening or repeated problems. I do agree however that its alot of money to be a beta tester. I just know alot of people complain about problems but never report them to the company. No different than alot of the clients we deal with on a daily basis.
  6. cbservicesllc

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    Another agreement on the beta tester comment here. I've had some issues and have submitted them. They've responded on them, but sure haven't fixed much. I told them about the lag, some issues entering info on the closeout day screen, and issues with snow and some of their staff just blamed it on my hardware, browser, connection, etc. I've tried this thing on several different computers at a couple different locations with three different browsers... always the same... The funny one was when the gal told me I should be using Google Chrome because that's the browser they test with... My response "I am using Chrome..."

    Now, I don't know how many of you do snow removal, but their snow dispatch SUCKS. It literally crippled me for two hours one night when I was trying to get out... all the routes I had entered just disappeared... Lots of other buggy issues with snow dispatch, but Chris over there basically admitted to me that it isn't up to par and that it wouldn't be fixed this season. I wish someone had told me that in all my demos before I signed up... what a waste of $200 a month this experience has been.

    They also don't seem to meet deadlines very well. Jonathon told me that new dedicated android and ios apps were being developed (thank god) and would be released "well before the lawn season." I was just told by a support person last week that it would be at least 3rd quarter... sweet... She said this was because their "whole team" is working on all the bug fixes from the last release (the one from December)...
  7. McFarland_Lawn_Care

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    Agree, they over promise and then release way to soon. Listen folks, I really think they will be fine eventually but they sure have a lot of little bugs to work out. I would make sure you complain often and mention everything to them. There will be weeks where I am on the chat or email them 2-3 times a day. Yes, they need to get a lot better, but we need to hold them to the fire. I make a list of small things I come across that need to be fix, and when I reach like 5 or 6 things I send another email. Finally convinced them to give me a free month for all the time we are losing dealing with bugs. Overall, I'm happy with their system, but if another company out there was offering the same stuff, then I would pretty much switch very quickly. I just don't know anyone that offers what they do without spending like big bucks on a huge system.

  8. Gman2310

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    signed up in January and cancelled today. To close to the season to be playing with a new system that isnt 100%. I dont have time to be a test dummy for them. I will revisit it again in the fall and try again next year, hopefully they will have everything worked out by then.
  9. HBFOXJr

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    Signed up in Nov 2011 and haven't seen significant improvements except for a rewrite of the user interface. It's a fabulous product for a more simplistic or first time scheduling software user.

    I came over form 10 yrs at QXpress which let it self fall by the wayside with a lack of needed development. SA improved a number of fuctions over QXpress big time. It is not yet a product to get you in to the big time next level.

    You can not create reports and the built in ones are not enough.
    You can't identify people with no services such as cancels, or old estimates from prior systems that didn't buy.
    You can't create a list for people that have one service but not another, in order to market services
    A client can prepay online, but can't indicate what he is prepaying for, leaving us to sort it out.
    There is no way to globally raise or change prices.
    No way to convert an estimate to real work - must be re-entered

    Processing credit cards is GREAT- and clients use the heck out of it
    Scheduling and crew instructions works great
    Leads and estimate creation + email sending and approval - the best

    They need to make life easier by linking estimates to job/contract creation, make a way to change prices, filter clients in a flexible, useful way for reporting and marketing.
  10. BLC1

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    What are the biggest problems/concerns about the product. Sounds like a lot of bugs but where is the biggest headache coming from?

    Are they under staffed there or what? I know problems can't be fixed over night but, with team of people you think they could knock out little by little.

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