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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BLC1, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. HBFOXJr

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    Support has been excellent, and my actual bug list has been very small. It's more what's bugging me in useful functionality, and the lousy to non existent upgrades to functionality.

    I run this on 4 laptops and 2 desktops, chrome and firefox. We do fert apps and irrigation, plus mowing our own property and 2 neighbors, so our use is pretty varied. Yet real bugs to what works have been minimal and quickly fixed.

    If you have never had schedule software or low level software, it's a huge step up. If you are looking for a more elite product to grow a business in this competitive world, this product is not ready for prime time.
  2. Groundworxky

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    How much is it?
  3. HBFOXJr

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    Go to their website for pricing. There are base levels plus options.
  4. BLC1

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    Do they have equipment/vehicle maintenance/tracking?
  5. seabee24

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    on a scale 1-10, 10 being very satisfied. how would you rate SAP?
    I am thinking of trying it out. what are your pros and cons being its now 2013 and im sure they are improved. are they still moving forward with development?
    thanks for your time!
  7. krzys555

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    we are very satisfied with what they do. scheduling, invoices, credit cards.
    yes there are some bugs and the system seems slower then before.
    time tracking for the jobs is okay.

    it does not do to much else then that.
    email- we don't use it, other then invoices
    estimates- we stopped using it
    marketing- does not exist
    equipment maintenance- in development
  8. BLC1

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    from Ohio
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    Why did you stop using the estimates?
  9. seabee24

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    well theres alot of questions i will break it down like this:

    Prior to the update I would say my overall satisfaction was a 7

    after the update I would say its a 6

    from a drive stand point, they will get it right in time. i would give them a 10.

    My biggest beef, they handled the update wrong. They know they did, they admitted it to me, and dont plan on doing anything like that again...or at least lets hope not.

    They also promissed alot before the update, and I had made plans using these new parts of the system like time tracking so when it came out and didnt work, that ment that I had held off on alot of plans as a result. I could have purchased a time clock myself, had i known that theirs wasnt going to work.

    On the other side of the coin. If an dwhen they have fuly fixed all their problems there is not a single provider at this time that will do everything they will in the future. it might take 5 years? but no other program will do all that.
  10. HBFOXJr

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    Depends on what. if anything you use now. Many basic parts you can rate 8-10. Marketing gets a 3. You can market to your own accts and leads, but can't filter the list to find people that have fert, but not grub. You can filter for a group that have a service such as fert, mowing, etc.

    We love the email. Estimates get a 6-7. Easy to create, email or print, and the client can accept on line. Would be a 10 if you could hit convert, and make the work active with out keying stuff in to scheduling.

    Prepays - 7/8. Needs the ability for the client when paying online to indicate the services he is paying for.

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