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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BLC1, Sep 25, 2012.

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    My idea this year, is to setup the work for the season and bump a few days from time to time because of rain, but mostly I hope to let them run their course. We leave in the schedule for rain delays anyways, so say it rains Wed, I bump everything over a day and they just have to take a different day off, or I have part timer fill in. Going to be a bit to get it all set up, but hopefully will run a lot smoother.

  2. seabee24

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    I used the mobile last year with decent success.

    I tried it back in December after the update, and it worked like crap

    I just tried it today, it's better but still has errors. I "completed" a job and it did not record the end time properly. I recorded it as midnight or noon. It was 3:29 pm. So that's not going to make accurate hourly billing.
  3. klogan011

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    I haven't had any issues with the mobile clocking times correctly. They usually match up to the gps within a minute or two.
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    Im new to SAP and still a couple weeks away from starting work (snow still falling) and I am planning on 4 of my crews to use mobiles for time tracking. I keep reading what you guys are saying and I am trying to be optimistic that they are going to work properly? Am I dreaming?

    I have emailed several estimates and had a few accepted which I think is a great feature. Also the program is forcing me to put all my lead info in to the system like I should have been doing for years. No more scrap pieces of paper to get lost !!!

    But as far as the mobile job tracking, I hope it works! I have not tried it yet on a dummy account.
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    I have not had problems with clock in and out with the mobile. But I also do not use the clocking in and out for billing hourly work.

    I looked over jobber and it looks really good but just doesnt have all the feature that SA has. It proably will have a lot of SA feature within the next 2 years. Looks like they just got $500k from an investor. Their Quickbooks Sync has a long ways to go though.
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    Does that mean you can have 4 users without paying the 15/month with the pro version?
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    The mobile for SAP works pretty well for me. One thing I've found though is you need to re-login each time you arrive at a job and each time you leave a job. Otherwise it doesn't record the times properly (Or atleast it doesn't on my iphone). Otherwise its been working pretty well.
  8. h20seeder

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    I believe it is 15.00 per for each additonal user no matter which package you have. At least that is what I found on their website.
  9. dnc19694339

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    Really? Sounds like a pain in the azz. Especially cause my guys will be on the clock logging in and out! Theres another wasted man hour!
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    Never had that issue with guys needing to log in and out all the time. You might want to call them on that.
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