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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BLC1, Sep 25, 2012.

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    My biggest gripe is 18 months ago they were awesome at keeping their members informed and constantly letting you know what was going on and updating/adding vidoes etc. Now all of that has stopped for the most part. They should be putting out new help videos on a daily basis and going through this new system from a to z to make sure everyone is up to speed. If you have watched any of Jonathans videos from lawn care millionaire he sais biggest thing is not to let your phone go to voicemail. Well you know what if I called SAP right now i guarantee id be going to voicemail which never would have happed 18 months ago. I think they got too big too fast and now we as current members are the ones paying for it. He should take his own advise and make sure his current clients are taken care of, you know the ones that invested in them from the start and quit worrying about adding new clients until this current system and all of it's bugs are fixed. I'm actually really suprised Jonathan is letting this happen.
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    Can you sync the calendar with a google calendar?
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    Why don't you copy this entire thread and email it to him.

    Btw I called in those error I was talking about with the Mobil app. I spoke to one of their newer phone answers. At first he tried to start making accuses like what device I was using, was I powering it off, what browser I was using.

    Frankly I told him that none of that should matter. They should have a system that works no matter what.

    After 45 mins being in the phone, he realized I was right, there are errors, and was then told that the office manager was on lunch and I would be gotten back too.

    Frankly, I'm not happy. I had a conversation with Jonathan last week. I told him it was crap back in December, I was told someone was specifically working on it. And also told its now WORKING. - per Jonathan's own words
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    Autofill my friend. Icon on on my main screen so 2 clicks and its handled. Hell it takes longer to send a picture message thru AT&T then to login and complete the job in the system.
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    I went through a period with my own business where I kind of burnt out, and lost interest. For a short period of time, my employees were running the show, and I needed a kick in the but to become engaged and enthusiastic again. My fear is that the symptoms we are seeing with SAP are the same that I saw when I was struggling for a few months. I hope that the management has not lost interest and is running on autopilot. (no pun intended)

    I know nothing about their business, and we all know how annoying it is when an outsider thinks they know what it takes (its easy right?, just hire a bunch of Mexicans and sit back and collect), but it seems to me they really need to focus on fixing the small bugs and issues, and making everything flow the way it should, and fast. I can't imagine it taking this long to get the basics right if there is more than 1 programmer and they are focused.
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    I have been burnt out with my company at times too, but I also found that was related to frustration steming from a poor financial outlook. I.E. slow paying customers.

    I joined sap when they had less than 30 clients. Now they have 1200. At 100 bucks a pop average, that's 120000 per month. If he can't hire enough people or is frustrated for some reason I sure couldn't understand why
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    For everyone complaining about SA. I am still finding new things that I can do since the update. Yeah it has some little bugs but compared to what it can do and compare to other choices out there this is top notch. Jobber has nothing on SA right now.
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    Im pretty happy with it so far other than the emails not going through for me. I had several estimates that I emailed in the last few days and customers say they never got them. yes they checked spam boxes. The dashboard says it was delivered but not opened. This was on 4 estimates.

    Anyone else have trouble with the emails?
  9. seabee24

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    Well, let me know when you over bill or under bill your customers by 10 man hours per job, for every job you do for the past 2 weeks because they have errors.

    Well I was 3 clicks of the mouse from doing that and sending those invoices yesterday. And that was because of their "small errors"

    I would be real careful if you are "assigning crews" from the dispatch board.

    I would also be real careful about hourly billed work

    And also on unit billed work
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    One thing I do with SA is schedule all my mowing accounts on saturday. Everyone of them. Too many times throughout the year we reschedule a lawn. But next week its still on the old scheduled day. So I have to remember to redo it every week. Keeping them all on Saturday and just taking 15mins to plan out the week on Sunday works quite nice.

    That is just one thing I miss from QXpress. If you rescheduled a lawn from Tuesday to Wednesday, it would do it for the rest of them for the rest of the season. And keep updating them as you do. That one feature was defiantly not one to make me stay with that sinking ship though.

    I still love SA. But defiantly think he needs to focus more on it. I still dont like that this program is focused more on large multiple crew companies like his. Mine's not like that, I run one 4 person crew with myself on it.

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