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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BLC1, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. b121774

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    Going into my second month with SAP. This is my 1st industry specific program so can't compare to anything else but man i'm loving it. Have hours and hours into setup but was rather pretty intuitive. Instructional vids are very helpful. Customers are loving the new invoices. Nice to have logo on invoices/estimates. Very good quickbooks integration. Tried demos of clip and qxpress but they seemed outdated and hard to navigate. Billing use to take me more than a day 2 days to complete, SAP does 90% of it automatically. Now I spend a fraction of the time. Just signed up for website/client portal. Looking forward to trying it out.
  2. ToddH

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    I agree clip seems a little outdated but then again it is a long standing product. It has work flow that need to be followed but so does QuickBooks.
  3. klsgc

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    Yes, I am scared skinny of this product. I tried it out and it seems buggy. Has a lot of cool features (I'm on Qxpress now and it is super limited and seems to have been built in the 90's). Does anyone use it for fert and weedo only and can they tell me if the issues have been addressed. If so, I'm switching this winter. Any info is appreciated.
  4. ben fritz

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    I just Service Autopilot last night, I have about 8hrs working on getting everything set up and I love it.
  5. dnc19694339

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    Ive used it now through 3 monthly billing cycles, (april,may,june) and the only real issues I have had are because I didnt know what I was doing in the beginning.

    I have ran my 3 mow crews on it and 2 landscape crews everyday since early April. It does work like they say it will and has kept me better organized.

    I dont think I would want to go back to working without scheduling software now that I am using it. The ability to make notations on accounts and job route sheets have helped us immensely.
  6. Aleman

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    I'm having trouble printing with Firefox. Chrome prints fine but seems to run slower. Anyone else?
  7. GreenGuysLC

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    I have had lots of problems with printing.... but I don't think it is in the program... I think it is more in the settings on computer, java, and print options. Seems it works good, and prints without problems... then computer updates or clean computer out and it goes to $hit.. Now when I click to print it downloads a PDF file, then I have to open the file to print..pain in ass .. but not SAP problem. Have also had issues running on chrome... seemed explorer worked better for me.
  8. McFarland_Lawn_Care

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    I'm the opposite.....runs faster on Chrome but a few things print better in Firefox. It's a lot better than it was early this spring though.
  9. JFGLN

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    Question for the SAP users. Do you have to use the credit card processing companies that SAP recommends? or can you use any company you chose?
  10. willretire@40

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    Any processor but you have to use for your gateway. Most merchants work with
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