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Discussion in 'Business Management' started by Bigred350, Aug 22, 2019.

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    I use The Square
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    What % do they charge for a sale?
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    I use Google Calendar. You'll start by creating a separate calendar for the tech(s) and share the calendar to parties involved. Here's the workflow I use.

    Create a new calendar event
    Appointment Title- Client name and Issue
    location field- Input address which then links to maps
    Description- Phone number on first line and notes below
    Add attachment- Add photo of completed repair ticket when finished
    Change color to yellow and text tech of new repair on calendar

    Scheduling- Tech calls client and schedules repair. Updates calendar date/time and changes color to blue.

    Closing appointment- Tech takes a picture of paper repair ticket, share to google drive folder, and attach to the appointment. Use square for credit card payment, get a check, or invoice later. Color of appointment is changed to green and enter any closing notes in the description.

    Its free and you only need a cell phone.
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