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    Do any of you all track how much service calls are costing you per year? If so how do you calculate? Also if anyone has a percentage of your yearly expenses is service calls. Thanks!
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    Don't know, but I used to be a service man for TG. One year I did 2500 service calls. We used to estimate that it cost about 80 dollars per service call. They were always all spread out so the driving time was high. They often involved a bit of talking and listening to irate complaints. I normally had two kinds of herbicide and a sprayer with insecticide, or a granular insecticide, plus extra fert on the truck. Sometimes I carried seed to fix dead spots. Plus a crabgrass product.
    I think we averaged almost one complaint per customer per year.

    Oxalis, mole and crabgrass season was busy. Monday after a warm weekend the phones were really hot. Girls had to use gloves to pick up the phones. Keep in mind, part of the costs was the customer anger, and extra time the office staff spent answering the phone calls that poured in--and then listening sympathetically and courteously. One girl was impatient and snippy. We had to give her acting lessons; the girls had to pretend they had never heard that before: "Green stripes? You see a big brown spot--two days after the treatment in hot weather? Could be chinch bugs; I will have the manager come out and take a look."

    One of our managers used to diagnose fert burns as chinch bugs; he would spray with Dursban using a hand sprayer.
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    Other fun things to do involve correlating cancels to those with service calls prior season. Amazingly not coincidental.
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