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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by JB926, Feb 26, 2008.

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    i am thinking of offering service contrcts to my existing and new clients. I have seen many companies trend towards this and I am deciding to join in. I was hoping you all would share with me the break down of your service contacts. I would love to know your pricing as well but will understand if you didnt want to share
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    price by size of system and time it takes [0-10 zones, 11-20 zones, etc.]

    offer monthly and bi-monthly options to your program

    normal sprinkler adjustments [not replacements] are included in price, sticking a shovel in the ground is additional billable work, naturally

    ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ! carry in your clipboard an onsite contract to sign for VERBAL agreements for work. [ example; you charge $100 to go thru a system the customer pays you. you advise the customer of your findings and he says, yeah go ahead, fix that and so on. you fix it and he decides not to pay you. get SOMETHING IN WRITING, SIGNED ON THE SPOT PRIOR TO WORKING. alot of people don't like "open-ended agreements" I tell them I don't like "open ended work". You can always estimate what a sprinkler replacement or a small renovation will cost but unknown repairs on a neglected system can run into issues as I'm sure you know. when this happens get an agreement signed that says "we'll go this far" then see where things stand, etc.
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    Check this Contract Out.

    Let me know what you all think.

    PDF 2008
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    I'm not a big fan of contracts. It also puzzles me because there is money being left on the table for no reason. Maybe some of you don't have an over abundance of work yet. But we can't keep up on servicing clients in the spring and fall at FULL price. Never mind leaving $10-$20 bucks out there. I just want my clients to call when work is needed. I', tired of contracts - cell phones, sat. TV/radio companies, vehicles, appliances, etc.

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