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    What happened with Ontrac?

    I purchased my Huster new late in 2006. I've had some issues with it.

    I went back to Ontrac a couple of weeks ago and none of their locations will service the mower under the warranty. There is only one shop in my area now and its 25 minutes away and has a huge backlog of repairs.

    Very disappointing.

    The main reason for buying the mower was the service location.;)
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    Thank our friends at John Deere......
    We were one of a few lines Ontrac had that weren't Deere, we were low on the totem pole in regards to how long they have had the line, we were the first to go....
    That being said, your new dealer is a great place, Dave will take care of you very nicely.
    E-mail me if you cant get taken care of.


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