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    I made the mistake of buying my 2760 Super from a dealer 85 miles from my house. But, since I had owned many Hustler mowers in the past that NEVER needed service; I didn't think it was too much of a problem. My 2760 has proven to be kind of a lemon. In about 700 hours, It's been in the shop for NEEDED repairs about 10 times(in some cases for extended periods of time). Dooley, to say something good about them, has always given me loaners. But, having to drive 1650 miles for service is kind of a pita... an expensive one if you add in the value of my time and gas. Things that have been fixed haven't been done so properly. When throttle cables have been replaced, I had to adjust them. When my motors were replaced, The machine came back with a 2 mph creep in forward with the brakes engaged. Relay problems have been fixed with new relays... only to have them short again. Here's the kicker of them all though... After having a lot of drive problems, it was decided that the fix would be to replace the stock wheel motors with those from the atz. That was my understanding... that was your understanding... and that's what the shop told me they did. Was I being lied to... Or was Dooley GROSSLY misunderstood? Upon inspection, I've realized that I have the same model pumps that I had before. Now, the pumps(hoses) are leaking so badly that they are covered with oil... almost to the point that I'm worried about possible damage to turf. What am I supposed to do? I really don't want to bring the mower back to Dooley. But, I can't afford the downtime associated with leaving the unit at Tag( which is understandable because I didn't buy the mower there). Thanks for your time.
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    Your pumps are the same exact ones as on a ATZ, BDP 21's.
    Are you talking about your wheel motors? they were replaced with the latest style we are using on the Super Z.
    Can you e-mail me? I will get our regional service manager involved again.
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    I was told that my 2760 was getting the Atz motors... I don't think the pumps were even changed. The problem with leakage on the pumps is getting worse, though. I'd like to have it rectified soon... I'll email you.

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