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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Andy Miller, Oct 30, 2001.

  1. 65hoss

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    I guess I need to consider selling mine. Since its 13 months old now. :p

    Actually, I kind of enjoy watching the hours add up. I'm hoping I can make this kawi go very high hours. Synthetic oil and putting clean air filter on 2 times daily, I'm betting the machine goes many hours. So far this season I've put just over 325 hours. I will still be doing leaves until the end of the year. Probably add at least another 100 hours. I would like to get a mower to last as long as the ford tractor I have. 12,320 hours on the original motor and its in great shape. Enjoy your machine, 650 hours is nothing.
  2. accuratelawn

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    you change the air filter twice per day? If this is so you run the risk of letting dirt in by opening up the filter so often. I have a friend with a 23 Kaw. The guys at the shop put on the donalson filter system on for him. You can go 200+ hours without having to change those filters.
  3. Dix

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    accuratelawn: What is the Donalson filter system & where would I look for more info?
  4. TLS

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    Yes, better not to touch. Unless you see decreased performance or RPM's or black smoke, your better off leaving it on there until Spring. Especially if its a Donaldson type. Mine stays pretty clean as it gets air right behind the seat.
  5. 65hoss

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    Let me explain. Only during leaf season with the amount of dust do I do this. Not during regular cuttings. Then its 2 times a week. Exmark told me to do this if I wanted to get a lot of life out of my motor. If your careful you are not getting dirt in by opening up the filter. You also need to know I use a mulch kit on mine, so the dust level is much higher than just side discharging.
  6. accuratelawn

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    Look on the Exmark wed site for a pic of air filter system. It is a two stage canster system. It is worth every penny.
  7. DanG

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    I wrote down the hours at the beginning of the year and so far I've put on 450 hrs on one and a little over 400 on the other that I use most times.

    And on my walk behinds and my hustler 251k (that i use strickly as a back up)i've put on maybe 50 hrs each total for the year.

    During this time of year I change and clean the filters at least twice a day on the machines that I use doing leaves.

    Dan G.
  8. 65hoss

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    Another thing, on the sticker attached to the breather on my kawis it says clean foam every 25 hours, but in very dusty work, it may need daily maintenance.
  9. General Grounds

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    :blob3: i probably would'nt disassemble to air cleaner 2x's a day, but i would take the pre-cleaner off and shake it out, most of your dirt will stick to it if oiled. Amsoil makes a great foam filter oil esp. for precleaners, almos has the make up of a bar and chain oil, very sticky.
    P.S. though expensive amsoil has a great heavy duty grease as well, have'nt had the need to replace ANY, of my greasable parts for years. T

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