Service Magic and Angie's List

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by IHA Services, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. LandscapemanFL

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    You got another member:drinkup:
  2. ptjackson

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    thanks @landscapemanFL Great looking logo. I'm here to make a service that people love, If I'm successful at that then I'll be successful.
  3. Utah Lawn Care

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    Are you paying the 1100/year to advertise there, or did one of your clients rate you and that's how people find out about you?
  4. cpllawncare

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    It's more than $1100/year, we're in several categories.It also has to do with market size.
  5. Utah Lawn Care

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    An Angie's list lady called me today and quoted me roughly $1100. She said there were 8000 clients in my area. I asked how big my area was and she said the surrounding 60 miles. Only 1/4 of the people within 60 miles are in my service range. That means only 2000 angie's list people are in my area and I would be paying 1100 bucks for it. She is calling back tomorrow. I am open to trying a new advertising strategy each year, but I don't like tying up a big part of my marketing budget for 1 thing like that. I am leaning towards NO THANKS! Have you noticed any big benefits from being upgraded to one of their paying clients? Did you see a big jump in calls? Are there any benefits that I should know about besides more exposure? Thanks
  6. cpllawncare

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    The biggest benefit I've seen is the fact that most of the clients,not all mind you but most, are ready to buy when they call. $1100/year shouldn't be a major part of your advertising budget, that's not near enough over the course of a year.
  7. mdvaden

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    Been a while since this discussion started.

    Seems the Angie's List is making more progress for themselve than Service Magic. Angie's List sends out quite a bit of mail, too.

    I can't tell yet if Angie's List's reputation is rising or falling among homeowners. Although I hear the name mentioned a lot less.

  8. Utah Lawn Care

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    Update: Angie's list contacted me back and quoted me under $400 to advertise for the year to the county that is relevant to me. I decided to give it a try. My service area is only 30k so most of you will have significantly higher prices. When one types in lawn care I am at the very top because I am the only paying member in my area. I can update you in a few months if it has been profitable or not.
  9. cpllawncare

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    how many catagories? sounds like only one, $400/year is an awful small area, the upside is you're the only one they will be calling.
  10. PerfectEarth

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    For us, Angie's List is HUGE.

    Two years ago, I started to solicit reviews from customers and I sent AL my customer list (they cross-reference it to get reviews in…) and it just exploded. We have over 40 (not all posted, unfortunately) positive reviews and one bad one. We've won 5 Super Service awards the past 2 years.

    Customers hit us up constantly. A lot don't send in reviews, which sucks. I can't count how many jobs we've done thru AL. GREAT source for a good customer who cares. They do call you and mail you a lot, once you've become a good company on their site…. trying to get you to buy advertising, better page placement, monthly mailer ads. I have turned them down for two years. Have not paid them a dime for anything. One day I will, when we want to place an ad.

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