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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dennys-lawn, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. Watkins

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    Yes, I strongly agree with you there, I have been getting calls from large companies who want me to submit a bid for counter top repairs.
    It's a good thing that I am listed for everything but there is an exception to some.
    For service magic I would have to say they are good at what they do and thats spreading your business everywhere for certain.
    Fortunately I may have landed a lawn care and irrigation as well as snowplowing for this business in Indiana.
    Even if I have not, it was a great chance at a really good thing and it was truly a gift to associate with service magic now thinking back.
  2. MikeKle

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    There is a service like that around here called Angies List, They have lists of pre-screened companies in many different industries and claim they get lots of leads for you, I had a friend that runs a interior house cleaning service sign up with them, and she mostly gets price shoppers or one-timers, and her fee to Angies List doesnt really cover any profit she has made from them. After this year, she is dropping them, I also get calls from them wanting me to sign up, but I have no problems getting new customers strictly from word of mouth. But these type of referral companies probably do pretty well just from the fess the charge? And most people that are looking for a lawn service either know someone that does it or asks a friend if they know someone, or will even stop one that is working in their neighborhood. But I really doubt many people would call a service like Angies list to find a lawn service?
  3. Glenn Lawn Care

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    i had service magic last year:hammerhead::hammerhead: it aint worth it!:nono: they nickel and dime. they suck!!!
  4. T&J Landscaping

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    i can go for a good suxing :)
  5. unkownfl

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    You can ad videos to your website and gets you higher up on search engines without spending extra money.
  6. lilweeds

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    The only plus to service magic is they list your business on anything and everything for you Otherwise the wen site they give you is ok. I used to have them for a long time, but got tired of calling them to shut off my leads.
  7. McFarland_Lawn_Care

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    okay, seems like the majority is against it, so I will make this brief. I am in a Very rural area where VERY few landscape companies are online - I am the only one on ServiceMagic for my specific area. That being said - I have limited my leads VERY much to only give me leads for specific zip codes and services I offer. Therefore I get only a dozen or so leads per year. I have had very good luck upselling the person and usually can convince them to become permanent customer. For $12 this is a good deal for me, but may not be for everyone, especially if you have a LOT of big competition on there too. Best of luck.

  8. r_rivera7272

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    Guys, here's what I mostly hear about ServiceMagic.

    1) It seems tough hold of the leads. Some people actually spend a lot of time "chasing" down these leads.
    2) When you do, most are just shopping around. With ServiceMagic people fill out forms and wait for contractor's to call. In my mind they're not very serious candidates if you get my drift.
    3) If they do, they seem to be in a bidding war (selling to 6-7 people in the area).

    ServiceMagic gets their leads from being up on the front page of the search engines. Type in "greensboro landscaping" and go down the list. You'll see them there. They get people to fill out their form and turns it around and sells them to us. Try it and see.

    Now, I got a call from a guy named Chris from some company that helps small businesses get on the front page with a guarantee (same page as ServiceMagic itself).

    And it's not Adwords. I found that Adwords aren't as effective as the Local and Organic listings (see for yourself. Read the CONCLUSION @ http://www.seomoz.org/blog/the-disconnect-in-ppc-vs-seo-spending).

    Now because I was SEO savvy and was already on the front page, I didn't need their services but they offered a reasonable price of $145/month to be on the front page with no contract!

    If you guys are interested send me a PM. I can try to see if I can remember what company it was. But I know LS doesn't want us posting stuff like this.
  9. Alan0354

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    I am on the user end. I use Service Magic a few times. They seems to have good people. Their price is not particularly good. I have one bad experience because of the guy's bad manner. He did get the job done. All in all, I would call them again.

    I don't know what is the meaning of leads. Does it mean you are charge $10 or $12 everytime you get a referal even you don't get the job or if you get the job through them, then they charge you the money?
  10. Scagguy

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    Tried them twice whenI was first starting out. Got a few good customers at first but, then the leads turned to crap. Never again will I use them. Don't need to these days fortunately.

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