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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mower_medic, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. mower_medic

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    Is there a website where I can download Tecumseh Service Manuals?
    I know Kawasaki, Kohler, Briggs and Stratton and Echo have one but I'm having trouble finding one for Tecumseh. Lots of people that want to sell one but I want to be able to download one.
  2. mikemerritt

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    Here is a link to get 3-11 HP L head manual, it should take you straight to it.

    I grabbed this link from another forum and its the only one I can find at CPD thats free.

  3. crawdad

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  4. Mikes Machines

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    Ok like I knew about the kohler and briggs but I have never seen a kawasaki manual on line. Where it the link for them. Also how about Stihl and for that matter all the rest. This could be a very valuable thread.
  5. crawdad

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    I was hoping mower_medic would post that, he said he knew about it. Come on folks, let's build a good thread. I've got an exploded diagram of a Kawasaki 14 horse, FC-420, too big to upload to LS, and I don't remember where i got it.
    I could send you that, if it'd help.
  6. ducky1

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    The last time I was on kohler website I noticed that they have taken the parts manuals off. The service is still their. I wished that the mower manufactures would make their service manuals available on line. Heck! I would probably be interested is maybe paying a few $ for them. Where I work I take care of john deere, walker, snapper, hustler, and not to forget the hoppers. Also dixons.
  7. rander

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  8. mower_medic

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    Sorry everyone, but I haven't been on here much lately. The website to find Kawasaki illustrated parts lists is You can't get the service manuals there though. The service manuals are at but you have to be a Kawasaki dealer to log onto that site. Sorry for the delay and confusion.
  9. mower_medic

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  10. Smalltimer1

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    Sears sells ALL Tecumseh service manuals in their parts and service dept. for $10 each.

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