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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by orionman4, Apr 1, 2012.

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    Thanks to those whom have helped me with info over the years. Homeowner reaching out to ask about fertilizer services. I have 140K sq ft, and was using a local service, which was sold to TruGreen. Over the last couple of years, service has been spotty to bad, customer service has been downright lousy. Crabgrass growth has grown, and the local tech's (after 4 calls for service) came out and sprayed - left large brown spots over the lawn that never went away last year.

    Local replacement options are all telling me that their chemicals are better, more effective, and that services are top notch. All have references, but I can give away free service for references all day long. Very difficult to select someone reputable. Most of my neighbors are doing bags of Scotts on their own, but haven't invested in their lawns like I have.

    Any thoughts on how to sort through the fray?
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    The squirt&fert companies are not growing grass, they a stifling root growth of the lawn and killing weeds....

    What are you doing with water??? and What kind of soil are you doing it with???

    These questions are critical, becuz no lawn service has a magic bullet, and understanding what is happening to your grass, is the First Step to a healthier lawn... :)

    Your neighbors may be succeeding becuz they don't have time to interfere with every aspect of turf development...
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    Go and visit some of the properties that they service, commercial and residential. Results speak volumes, is your property irrigated or not ? Don't forget that if your lawn is in less than good condition, the new contractor will be playing catch up !
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    you need local referrals. You just have to search for them. Ask your friend and so forth. Read up by the better business bureau for complaints. See you local government for complaints and to be sure they are licensed by the state. Check complaints and enforcement actions. Read through the websites of the various companies.
    I wish there was a way to find out how many years the company has been in business.
    Certain public information should reveal a few details--business license and so forth.
    Pay attention to the guarantee. Ask a lot of questions to see if the company seems to have good turfgrass knowledge. Compare the answers on the common weeds, insects and diseases. How quick are they in responding to your calls? Do they have equipment suitable as far as you know?

    It is possible to ask around at the local fertilizer dealer. They will recommend people they like and trust. Seldom will recommend someone who owes them money.

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