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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by cvlm, Dec 8, 2005.

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    just wanting to know if any of you guys give your customers anything explainig what services are offered for the price there paying per month not a contract just maybe a aggrement or something i dont and i have had a few customers think that i am going to fertilize,spray,plant,dig up for free they ask me why the extra charge so i was thinking of coming up with something for this spring that has the programs offered (ie. basic,full service etc) and list what those pacages include and for how much that way there no miss understanding if anyone has anything like this or have a website with it on it can you please e-mail me a copy i would apprciate it thanks

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    Write a proposal for ALL the work you do and state exactly what you will do for the money paid.
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    I use signed Service Agreements, but with every new client, commercial (which we are 80% revenue wise) or residential (20% revenue) also gets a packet which has info on my company, it's hsitory, employee info, www and email addresses, mailing and special client only phone info, billing and payment info, service dates/day info, and a list of all the services we provide (and we are full service lawn and landscape maintenance). We have 4 Levels of Service, Basic, Standard, Premium and Premier that a client signs up for at the time the SA is signed. Then if at a later date they can get "add-ons" if they signed up for one of the first 3 levels as needed. The packet of info is presented in a green folder that I had custom printed and welcomes them as a new client along with mine and my crew foreman assigned to their acct business cards, a magnet company business card and a professionally printed yearly calendar with our company name, and phone number printed on the bottom.
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    thanks guys for all your advise mmlawn any way you could send me a example of your service agreements it would be greatly appreciated sounds like you have tons of experience in this area thanks
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    do you think i could get a copy of your service agreement that you give out.
    trying to get all the info too. i have never done this before. i all ways just had a verbal agreement. sorry to cut in guy just trying too get all the info i can. thanks jeff ><> >>>--------------->
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    Come On I Need Some Help Please. Thanks

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