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    Hello to all and happy holidays...

    Now does hustler sell Service packs?

    What I mean by Service packs: getting a package with A belt, Blades, pullys, air filter, oil, oil filter and spark plugs.

    I would love to know if they do.
    if not what would or who would be the best internet site to get this type of stuff.
    I hate driving 25 miles for a $5.00 part.

    any information would be greatly used.
    Joe Inman
    Inman's Lawn Care - Complete Landscape Care Giver.
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    We don't package kits from the factory, dealers may, but we do not, just to many models of mowers, deck sizes / engines etc..etc....
    Your best bet for parts is your dealer, call them and ask if they will ship your parts or if they have a website to order from.


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