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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by C Cutters, Mar 31, 2007.

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    This is my third year doing landscaping/lawnmowing, but my first year actually making a business out of it. I'm currently in college and started doing this when I was in high school, and finally this year am making an actual business out of it.
    I have a few questions in regards to providing services, and several other things. Might be a little long winded, and some questions may seem very elementary, but asking questions is how I learn. Thanks alot ya'll. Alright, I'll try to get down to brass tax.

    1.) I have started getting calls for landscaping/lawnmowing services. One call I got recently was wanting spring clean up. Question: What does spring cleanup entail? I mean, what do you do for a spring cleanup job....what does a spring cleanup "cleanup"?

    2,) In the past (I've just been the local kid who does landscaping/lawnmowing) when I would give a bid, I would just tell them in person what the price was. I want to put it down on paper now. Question: Does anyone out there have an estimate proposal they could post? (I was assuming a seperate estimate sheet for both landscaping services and a simple lawn mowing bid)

    When you guys go to give an estimate, do you give them the estimate right then, or do you take it back and work it out?

    4.) Do you ever call a potential customer on Sunday/Saturday, or just wait until Monday? (person called today about work, left a message)

    Thanks for helping me out everyone. Don't want you guys to think I'm incompetent, I very much know how to do the work, just sort of unsure of the whole business transaction part of it. Thanks again, this site is a competitive advantage in and of itself!
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    1. A spring cleanup usually includes a final leaf pickup, sticks and debris removal (like perrenials)... whatever needs obvious attention in the yard. Ask the customer what specifically they want. Sell a service- bed edging, mulching, maybe some deadwooding or pruning, dethatch or seed? Gutters? It's a basic freshening up.

    2. Can't help you

    3. Depends on the job. Small- maybe give em onsite. I'd work a larger one at home

    4. I'd call on a Saturday. Not Sunday. Not a COLD CALL on Saturday, but if it's about work a a client's home or business, Saturday is probably ok.
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    1 its up to you and what you tell the customer. some of my customers think its walking around picking up sticks. others want all the leaves picked up. some might want ornamental grass cut. find out EXACTLY what THEY want done. go from there

    2. i and many others have left them, do a proposal search.

    3. mowing, i fill out a blank proposal then and their, if they are home i give them the option to sign it now or think it over and mail it to me. i tell them no work will be done until its signed and in my hand. larger jobs i might think it over or may need to look up material cost and mail them a proposal.

    4. calling on weekends is fine, most might only be available on weekends, i wait unitll about noon to call unless they call early and your returning the call same day. good luck
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    2) Staples sells proposal forms in a pad, it's what I use.

    3) For most, right then. Big projects might require a later.

    4) Sundays I mind my phone manners, same on holidays... Any other day is fine, including Saturday.
    > Usually I place no outgoing calls from 9p - 9a, keeping the daylight hours of 9a - 9p for calls out.
    > As a rule it is always ok to answer, but not if it puts you in a 'who the &^% would call me on sunday' mood, then it's best to turn the phone off lol.
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    You might consider doing a search for the forms your looking for. Also, go to they have some sample contracts and such you might be able to get an idea from.
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