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    Quick note at lunchtime guys..

    Was putting down fert + pre at a resi home today, new one for me this season. Trugreen shows up to do house across the street - so I am like "this is good, lets compare service levels". Trugreen guy spreads fert same time I do, and finishes about the same time I do or a little faster, as the lawns are similar size. He is practically running on the lawn though, while I maintain a fast walk. Bag is labeled for 3MPH so I would have to think I was closer to the right speed. At any rate, he finishes, does his invoicing/records, drops them with flag, and off.

    Oops Trugreen. I finish, BLOW THE PRILLS off hard surfaces with my powerblower, then do my records/invoicing, drop, and go. So, he leaves 10-15 minutes before I do. For them, time is money. For me, taking no time equals no money here in my small town. I'll err on the side of service.
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    You shouldn't get enough product on the drive or walk with a push spreader to need to blow or sweep it off. With a ride on it's a different story.

    He may have looked like he was trotting because the lawn was sodded and has two inches of thatch.....and you need to almost run it across that mess because of the friction.

    He also has a 1200 dollar a day goal, and 800 customers.

    You admitted this is your first year. First year techs are always slow.

    Just playing devils advocate here.
  3. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Ahh yes, Mr SeedPro. I've seen sidewalks surrounding TG treated lawns. Always full of prills. If I did sloppy job after sloppy job like that here in my town, I wouldn't last until tomorrow. Funny how a lot of my calls this season are from former TG folks, wanting LOCAL service. How can I beat TG on volume - can't. Need to beat them on workmanship and friendly service.
  4. SeedPro

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    Oh of course.....I agree, but if you are getting a lot of product on the walks with a good walk behind with the deflector shield and third hole shutoff you're doing it wrong.

    Also.....a little leave behind on a walk or drive is a good thing. We called them Evidence Beans......the customer likes to see them actually. Little tip.

    Also....blacktop driveways that have been sealcoated and are dark black suck....they show everything. A concrete drive doesn't.

    I've come to realize that for every person that want local service, there's three more that want insulated and like National's a psychological thing.....Most people don't want to know all about the guy that's servicing their lawn. They just want it green and weed free. Period.

  5. abrightday

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    Yea,,until they see the results,,,Big companies just can't get the results or service an experienced small company can give. Everyone who has a large company near one of my lawns eventually end up calling. Take your time ,,do the job right,, treat people as you would want your property done and you can't help but do a much better job! False- green and others just can't compete!:laugh:
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    That's why McDonalds and Burger King are so wildly popular. Because everyone want's to eat at Joes. Not everyone wants small local service and many have been burned by small local companies.
  7. abrightday

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    Yea,,what ever,, I'll still get their lawns!!:laugh:
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    McDonalds isn't successful because they are a large franchise--they are successful because in todays world they are convenient. Period. I think we can all agree that 'Joes' would have a better burger hands down! Bad example.

    To the OP good job on doing quality work. And don't take the advice of leaving prills on hard surfaces as a 'tip' that's some of the worse advice I've seen lately. :hammerhead:

    We all know that's a TG favorite and has been practiced for a very long time. Leaving prills behind to show you have infact been there is stupid IMHO. It's also (in my state) not yet against the law... yet. It will be if ding dongs keep doing it though. I spoke with our state chemist a few weeks ago and they are making it a point to see if guys are blowing prills off of hard surfaces. He said if they don't then they will look very hard to find other ways to nail yhem...he added that if they look long and hard enough then they will find something-- you're just asking for trouble.
  9. Victor

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    Please tell me your comment regarding "Evidence Beans" was jocular in nature. I'll never take a thing you say seriously again if you really do believe that was sound advice.

    Come on. You were just kidding, weren't ya? :)
  10. grass4gas

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    Here, in Delaware, the law states that you have to blow off all hard surfaces.

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