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    I used them a few years ago....wont go into a big long answer but, its like craigslist only you pay for it.

    If that is the customer you want and you like giving estimates to cheap @sses and wasting time and gas.

    Then its great...

    They still call me too, and I have told them to stop but that only last for a while. They are very aggressive with the sales pitch and in the beginning you will get a few decent leads...then its crap lead after crap lead after crap lead.

    Save your money.. trust me.

  2. Swampy

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    I had some good luck with service magic and some bad to.

    Expanded into neighboring communities.
    Had good leads, about 8 out 10 leads.
    Leads can be sent to your email or like me via text message to the phone.
    Got some really good feedback from the leads generated.

    Consently went over the credit limit, to the point I had to shut it off just to save money to pay rent.
    To many leads at once. I run part time and you get six in a day, its a little overwhelming starting out.
    To many you'd call the customer and either won't answer or return your call.

    My opinion on it. If you want to break into new areas to service its great but don't count on really making a whole route out of it. Or if you are offering a new service that you want to get the word out its great. But in all honesty it shouldn't be used more than a year.
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    they called me last week. the guy was very pushy, but i heard him out.. i considered it then researched on here.. doesn't sound like something i want to waste my money on right now. aren't they basicly generating leads from google adwords? thought about just doing that.
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    I keep hearing the Same thing over and over about ServiceMagic. I've been on these boards for a while trying to build a site that's better for you all. (was a sponser for a few months).

    My number one question is would you feel better about "paying for leads" if you only paid for the work you got. That's my goal, but I'm working hard to listen to people like you while building it.
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    honestly, i'd rather pay a commision off of a job that i got. i've never used a service like servicemagic, they just call every week.

  6. Swampy

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    The one thing that kind made me turn a few customers down, because I was starting out and still am small, is processing credit cards. It would have been nice if say you offer a lead to contractor, customer wants it billed to threw their credit card/automatic checking, your site would complete and process the transaction taking %, the rest goes to the contractor.
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    waste of time and money

    even though you are paying for the lead all they care about is the customer looking for the business. they dont care about the business owner at all!!!!!!!!!!

    i would get 10-15 one day then none for 2 weeks i would call and complain, they say its fixed and than same thing.

    the leads they would send were for impatient people or they wouldnt even answer phone
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    Best thing since sliced bread. I built my business due to ServiceMagic. It is a bargain. You have to work it though.
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    Hmmmmm. Who to believe. Who to believe.
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    Definitely need to hustle on service magic. Call them that second and meet them that night. Sometimes i compete with lowballers. Others I'm the only guy who calls them
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