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Set up advice for 36" Stander

Discussion in 'Wright Manufacturing, Inc. (Archived)' started by mf13368, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. mf13368

    mf13368 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 19

    Just got a used 36" stander (fixed) and I'm looking for some advice on the best setup as far as height, caster spacers, blade shims, etc. I think the setting is currently still factory settings but not sure - 2 c spacers on bottom and one on top on casters, rear set up in middle forward hole and blades have one shim under & 5 over (?).

    Right now, it will be used on leaves & pine straw. In season, mostly centipede. I've never measured my other mower but I think I usually cut around 3".

    Also, do the mulch kits work or would the Gator 3 in 1 blades work w/o the mulch kit?


  2. RhettMan

    RhettMan LawnSite Silver Member
    from Texas
    Messages: 2,601

    Hey what type of grass are you cutting?

    My factory setting 36 stander scalped my san augustine lawns with all of the front caster spacers on. To fix this I set the rear wheel positions at their highest (deck lifting) poisition.

    Cuts great now, I will most likely never operate another mowing business without a wright stander.

  3. mf13368

    mf13368 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 19

    Centipede - So it sounds like you run the deck high and the blades at the lower setting (close to bottom of deck). I would think the blade closer to the edge of teh deck would give a better cut. The higher deck would help with the deck dragging when loading on the trailer.
  4. WrightCommercial

    WrightCommercial Inactive
    Messages: 526


    In your statement "one shim under & 5 over", do you mean there are 5 blade spacers between the blade and spindle and a washer between the blade and blade bolt. If so than with wheel motor set and front caster set the mower is at the factory setting which is a 3" cut height. Usually the effectivness of the curved mulch system (36"-95470002)is dependant on finding the right blade type for the conditions you are cutting. Some users leave the factory blade in some use Gators, we also still offer just a basic block-off plate (All sizes-93460031).

    Best Regards
    Wright Mfg. Service Dept.

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