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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grassmasterswilson, Oct 12, 2012.

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    A second truck is your best bet. need a big sprayer with a high pressure and high volume pump to reach trees. Perhaps a 30 gpm pump and 3/4 inch hose. Perhaps 400 lbs pressure. Need tree-spraying gun. You want to be able to reach 60 to 75 feet high. At 20 gpm a hundred gal tank won't last long.
    If you are not ready for a full tree spraying outfit. Get a lawn care skid sprayer. It can do most types of applications. Scroll down 2 inches, click, and look at the Gregson Clark line of sprayers. The backpacks will work fine, if you don't plan on tall trees.
    Myself I don't think you need high volume for insecticides and fungicides. Fruit and vegetable growers use low volume fungicide and insecticide applications all the time. Air craft sprays are almost all low-volume.
    Fungicides need to dry on the foliage if you intend to coat the leaf blades.
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    Thanks riggle. Right now I do all my weed control on a z-spray at low volume. I hope to add mosquito treatments in the spring(will start out with a backpack fogger). So for starters I really need a skid for high volume fungicide and possibly fire ant applications right now. I hope to add tree and shrub in the future but luckily we don't have many talk landscapes.

    I second truck would be great. I could operate my high volume apps out of it or pull my zspray and use the skid to fill it up. Will be looking for a good deal on a used truck that is already set up. I may just need to start out with a small trailer solely dedicated for hauling the skid.

    What I really need to figure out is what pumps/hose size/capacity I really need. I've never had a skid so getting something I will use it tough. I bought the smaller z spray and quickly figured out 18 gallons wasn't enough so I quickly upgraded to 50 gallons. If I was sure that 1 gallon per 1000 of carrier was enough for heritage and headway fungicides I would stick with my setup and add a motorized backpack.

    Good thing is I'm in no real rush. Any high volume apps I will need will not start until march/april. If I add tree and shrub I will need a winter oil app and maybe I just buy a motorized backpack.
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    As mentioned earlier in this thread, most skid sprayer fill up your entire bed and make it impossible to carry much handheld equipment or fertilizer bags, etc. The space saver rigs are a great idea, but I feel that they are quite expensive. I ended up building a unit around a tank that takes up less space in your bed than a tool box. Its a 100 gal tank which is enough if you don't do apps full time, and I have a second 100 gal tank - same size. Honda GX160 with roller pump (should have gone diaphragm) and powered reel. Its not the most eye appealing sprayer, but I get a lot of double takes from other companies and it is so nice to have all the bed space still available. There is still 4 ft of bed space available.....

    I have the sprayer behind the box now more permanently.


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    Inzane, The guy at Gantt quoted me $2200 for a 50 gallon rig, with a hypro d252 pump, and 300ft of 1/2" hose, and the reel mounted differently. I've been pricing out building one myself, but by the time I buy the parts,steel, and weld it up myself. I come in around the same price. I plan on buying a skid over the winter.

    The briggs motor isnt that bad. My Tru-cut reel has that same briggs motor and it fires on the first pull. You can always swap a honda gx motor on it later for $350. Or do the "honda clone" predator motor for Harbor Freight for $110. I've been reading a lot of good reviews on those motors surprisingly.
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    i just re-did my shrub and bush sprayer. its a 65 gal tank from tractor supply a 12 v deep well marine battery with a fat boy 12 volt pump. 1/2 inch hose and using the new gnc spray gun from from jdl. total cost was 800.00 all inclusive. the fat boy will spray alomost 70 feet. i tried it with 150 feet of 5/8's garden hose and it sprayed 85 feet. went back to the 1/2 inch hose as it used way to much product. set up a trickle charge from the main battery so i didnt have to keep charging it up every other day. tank is secured with rachet straps to eyebolts on the flat bed. DOT legal. u can get a small trailer for $400.00 mout it on that and then tow it for less than 1200 for a great little skid. a 100 gal tank will up the price another 125.00 and a 200 gal tank another 75.00. all with quick disconeccts so when its empy and not going to use it i yank it off the truck.

    to see the fatboy go to you tube and search on fatboyvid.
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    True, reel turned sideways. I had my skid sprayer sawed off and rewelded more narrow to make room for my spreader. Click my name and see my pictures. The last 2 feet were made more narrow so the spreader would fit...with the pump reel and motor on the right...and then room for the spreader to fit on the left side of the back of the bed. Or you might need to use an Earthway 50 pound stainless steel spreader if its small enough to fit together with the skid sprayer. You never put more than one bag in your spreader anyway. Its surprising how many bags of fert I could get on my truck if I really tried. I always put two layers of bags laid flat...and many bags as possible stood on end. Ten in the cab if necessary.

    Anybody else, how do you stack your bags to get enough fert on your truck if your skid sprayer is in the bed. How many?
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    use a 500lb hitch caddy put the spreader on that with a 5 bags then stack on the bed the others

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