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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by David Gretzmier, Sep 9, 2009.

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    Just thought I'd pass this along to all folks on here looking to read ideas on marketing on a daily basis. Seth has written many books on what works in marketing, and I'd reccomend googling his name and land on his daily blurb on marketing thoughts. I've been reading him for a few years now, and although some of his stuff is way out there, on average I pick up an idea or two a week that helps me in my business. If you want more from him, he has several videos on the web floating around of him speaking at many events.
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    Purple Cow by Seth Godin was given to me by Bill Locklin and it completely changed the way that I do business.

    It is a REMARKABLE read.
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    Anyone tried the Dan Kennedy books ?
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    I got two Dan Kenedy books and did a mailing piece based on his teachings. It was the complete opposite of my normal style and seemed horribly hokey. I did it anyway. I did a very large mailing so I was confident to get a fairly accurate result.

    I got only one sale (I think - it could have been zero). Assuming it was one, it was still fair under the cost of the mailing. Even if my results tripled with multiple mailings - it still would have been a loser. That was my experience. I probably did this just around the time the recession began, so perhaps it would have been different several years ago.

    If you're interested I'd be happy to sell you the books for the cost of the postage. They may very well work for you.

    I have "The Ultimate Sales Letter" and "No B.S. Direct Marketing".
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    I like to read the E-myth guy Michael Gerber. He has several books called E-myth. Good solid principles for small business.

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