Setting for Governer on 16 Hp B&S Twin

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by slipping wrench, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. slipping wrench

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    Hello all, I am in need of the way to set the Governor on a Briggs and stratton 16 Hp Twin 3600 rpm 656CC....At low power setting the engine pulses up and down about 300 or so rpm difference and will shut off if the power is not added ... The only numbers I can find are Model 720740 and date of Mfgr 80-4168X86005-0...Carb Tank and fuel lines are clean .....Any Help will be appreciated....Thank you......Slipping Wrench......
  2. Bill Kapaun

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    A 656CC engine should be a 40xxxx model#.
    You can help by at least letting us know if it's Vertical or Horizontal and what equipment it is mounted on.
    Engine model, type & code#'s can insure we know exactly which engine it actually is.

    That said, look for vacuum leaks on the intake system, including the carb throttle shaft. The carb body tends to get worn where the shaft goes through it, resulting in a vacuum leak(s). You can spray something like WD-40, carb cleaner etc. around any possible leaks and the engine speed/sound will be affected if the fluid is drawn into the intake.
  3. slipping wrench

    slipping wrench LawnSite Member
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    OK I found the engine info, It is a Model401707...type 0130-01...code...80010712...vertical shaft engine on a HWI Murray Garden tractor.....Any help will be appreciated.......Thank you....
  4. Restrorob

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    Start the engine then set the throttle where it hunts, Start applying the choke SLOWLY and see if the hunt smooths out. If it does check for vacuum leaks as Bill stated.

    Did you spray carb/choke cleaner with the little straw into the low speed adjuster port ?

    If you don't find any vacuum leaks the wrench slipped and you need to go back into the carb checking every little port and passage making sure they are open.
  5. slipping wrench

    slipping wrench LawnSite Member
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    Hello Restrorob,I will try the proceedure you have suggested and give an update as to the result.....Thank you very much...Slipping Wrench....

  6. slipping wrench

    slipping wrench LawnSite Member
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    Hello Restrorob,Thanks for your help.After tinkering with the throttle linkage and looking for leaks what seems like forever I finally got the thing running as it should.The problem was in the throttle linkage re attachment after cleaning the carb.I had slack or zero tension on the throttle cable linkage and the governor was just floating at the low setting .I will be sure and mark the clamp point for the Throttle next time I do a cleaning....Thanks for the help.....Slipping Wrench.......

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