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I have a quick question. I had a soil test done and it said i had a 4.9 ph level and i need to put down 140lbs of lime per 1000 sqft. Talking to some people that is way to much to put down at one time. I was told to do 50lbs per 1000 sqft and reapply down the road some. My question is what setting do I use on a Scotts Basic rotary brodcast spreader to apply at a rate of 50 lbs per 1000 sqft.



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Before you do anything: Get a second opinion (another soil test). Did you get multiple samples for all over the yard? I normally checkerboard about 30sq ft. in all directions. That amount would be over a ton to the acre. What is your turf type?


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Even wide open, your spreader is not likely to apply that much. Just choose a setting and go over it more than once... until it is all used up. Wait 3 months and repeat.

Don't worry; Bermuda will still grow.


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Gulfjoe your situation sounds almost identical to what mine was 5 years ago. I had moved to a new home, had a soil test done & it came back 4.9 in the back & 5.1 in the front. My local extension office told me my soil was so bad that nothing but weeds would grow and put me on a fertilization program that included lime at 140lbs/1000. I too had to apply it 50 lbs/1000 at a time. I spread my applications out so that I got the 140 lbs/1000 down over a one year period. I was applying lime & fertilizer to 2 acres. I did as Riggle suggested & measured off a 1000 sqft area, set my spreader at about 40% open & kept making passes in different directions until it was gone. I then repeated the process opening the hopper a little more until I got the 50 lbs/1000 of lime down making passes in 2 different directions. I spent 2 years amending my soil in preparation of my total renovation of 2 acres to Bermuda. Thanks to my extension office, the guys at my local JD/Lesco and the good folks here at LS my lawn looks great. Good Luck! Scott