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    I did several searches but cant find an answer to my question. I'll be building two seperate retaining walls soon. The walls will start at 6 ft. high and taper down to about 1 ft. and will be about 30 ft. long each. I will be using outcropping stone from Buechel Stone Corp. The heaviest stones will weigh about 900 pounds each. Would I set these with a skid steer with pallet forks? Any tips or tricks would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Skid steers might work well if the ground conditions aren't too sloppy. Otherwise, some sort of a telehandler. Someone here loves the JCB 520, so I'll put that up. Other small telehandlers from Bobcat, Cat, or Gehl would do the trick as well. Of course -- the biggest decider of the machine applicable would be what your working conditions are. (Mud, slopes, no room to manuver, finished surfaces, obstacles, etc)

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