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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Jmill88, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Jmill88

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    Has anyone done this on their own? It doesn't seem that difficult, but is there more to it than I think. What about LegalZoom. I don't really want to pay a lawyer a lot of money for this. Thanks
  2. it's pretty easy actually. Here in Florida you go on a website called and just fill out the necessary form for the LLC. Im sure your state has something similar.....HTH
  3. BDLC Mikey

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    in ohio, you go to the secretary of state's website and you can download all the forms needed to make the switch.
  4. delphied

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    Same in Michigan.
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  6. dwost

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    Messages: 1,667 you can do it in about 10 minutes and all the paperwork is filed for you.
  7. tradeyouraccounts

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    In NV it’s the same can all be done through the secretary of states website and future list of members can all be done online.
  8. yard_smart

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  9. jemvai

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    I called a lawyer. and he took care of everything. total cost was 435.00.
    I started doing it on legalzoom but there was a couple of questions I didn't know the answer to. so i called a lawyer.

    Piece of cake.
    Good luck.
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    unfortunately most of you probably have worthless LLC setups. if you have an LLC that is taxed as a sole propreitorship and you are laboring yourself on the job, you can be sued personally. At a minimum, set up the LLC to be taxed as an S corp (beneficial to save on payroll taxes once your net profit is over 60k or so).

    doing this, you will then be an employee of your company at least....

    you should have several million in liability insurance first off. then worry about starting an LLC.

    ideally, the LLC protects the hands off business owner who limits his exposure of being sued by negligence if his employees are properly trained, equipment properly maintained, etc....

    i would say skip the hassle and buy tons of insurance AND an umbrella policy on top of that.

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