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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by MSL70, Apr 3, 2004.

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    Personally, I opted to get a dedicated trimmer and a dedicated edger and will buy the kombi-system later this summer as a back-up tool. The way I see it is that changing between the two ends takes time (not much, but its still time) and time is money.

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    Dittio on Zach76 on the time issue. All you really sell is time so all your purchases must be based on time. If you save $100.00 on a purchase that is a lot of money, Right? If you are at a $1.00 a min. for lawn maintence and it takes you 45 seconds to change heads--x 2 changes a job( start with 1, change to other, put back first for next job) That is 1.5 min. per job. If you do 40 jobs a week than that is 60 min. or 1 hour a week. Your $100.00 that you saved is all used up by Wed, at 2:30, on the 2nd week( give or take a min or 2). From that point on your purchase is costing you $60.00 a week. Allways keep time in mind.
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    Thank You for your reply's
    I bought the Scag 61" with power feed bagger for $5500.00 it will be delivered monday. The unit has 580hrs on it and new tires? is that normal wear on the tires?

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